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Saving your Plants from Frost, Pests and Flies

During last month’s sunny weather I replanted my collection of cordon gooseberries, that had been lifted when new paths were laid around the raised beds and greenhouse, now all they need is to be tied in to a support. They will welcome the improved soil and with plenty of TLC should re-establish rapidly when the […]

The Pride of the Glasshouse – Pineapples

In this series of monthly articles Bob explores the incredible range of plants you can grow in a greenhouse, conservatory or plastic tunnel. Not just the purely decorative but the scented and edible also, and maybe those plants that are just downright interesting. Bob starts off this month with his favourite- Pineapples. Few plant’s are […]

Growing Beans for Bean Feasts – Part 1

A bean feast is more than a sumptuous spread of leguminous vegetables, it is a celebration of self sufficiency and the ‘raison d’etre’ to which most gardeners will cite for their ‘grow their own’ activities. And so in recognition of the title of this monthly section and in celebration of the humble bean, this very […]

Greenhouses In A Small Garden

In The Greenhouse with Lila Das Gupta As much as I love my small greenhouse, its arrival also created a huge design problem in the garden, compounded by the oversized shed (where else do you keep 5 bikes?) and the obligatory trampoline. Add to that the increasingly boxed-in feeling from neighbours extensions along the side […]

Mystery in the Greenhouse: BEF Pots

In The Greenhouse with Lila Das Gupta I love the way that every hobby has particular kit associated with it that assumes cult status. Years ago, when I did a brief stint as a bicycle mechanic, everyone lusted after ‘double butted, curly lugged’ Reynold’s tubing on their frames. Trawling round the internet looking for little […]