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Greenhouses In A Small Garden

In The Greenhouse with Lila Das Gupta As much as I love my small greenhouse, its arrival also created a huge design problem in the garden, compounded by the oversized shed (where else do you keep 5 bikes?) and the obligatory trampoline. Add to that the increasingly boxed-in feeling from neighbours extensions along the side […]

Mystery in the Greenhouse: BEF Pots

In The Greenhouse with Lila Das Gupta I love the way that every hobby has particular kit associated with it that assumes cult status. Years ago, when I did a brief stint as a bicycle mechanic, everyone lusted after ‘double butted, curly lugged’ Reynold’s tubing on their frames. Trawling round the internet looking for little […]

Planning your Vegetable Plot for Crop Rotations

This winter is like the winters of old and is the coldest for over ten yars, with snow and chilling winds. It will be interesting to discover how many of the plants that have overwintered over the past few milder years, still survive. Unfortunately, the thermostat on my greenhouse heater failed during one of the […]

Sir Max Hastings Opened My Greenhouse

In The Greenhouse with Lila Das Gupta I have just spent the most magical first day in my new greenhouse. The bulk of it was spent “feathering the nest”: sorties to the shed to bring in supplies of compost, propagator, labels, hand tools, trays, seeds, radio, riddle, watering can, seat. Then came the final moment […]