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Lawn Maintenance and Overwintering in the Greenhouse

Ambushed by recent tomato blight I’m going to clear some of my summer greenhouse crops and start my autumn tidy up earlier than planned. Returning from holiday to find my tomato plants browned and collapsed was no surprise, it had rained incessantly and even with adequate ventilation, the combined humidity indoors and out provided perfect […]

Pruning Wisteria, Cropping Strawberries and Storing Fresh Herbs

Now is the time to prune Wisteria to ensure you have plenty of flowers next spring. First, tie in any new shoots to extend the existing network of branches or to fill in gaps, then using sharp secateurs, shorten this years growth to about 30cm. This restricts growth and improves circulation allowing any sun we […]

Environmentally Friendly Weed Control with Hoes

When it’s a sunny day, you’ll often find me out in the garden, pushing a hoe. It’s an environmentally friendly form of weed control that I find relaxing and therapeutic. There are three types of hoes, the Dutch or push hoe that cuts the weeds like a blade, the draw hoe with a blade at […]

How to deal with Mildew on Plants

The warmest April on record has provided ideal conditions for one garden fungus – powdery mildew, to thrive so be on your guard for early infections on vulnerable plants. It’s a dry whitish powder that coats the tops of the leaves but soon spreads to the undersides, shoot tips and flowers stunting and distorting foliage […]

Bicentenary of RHS Garden at Wisley

Many great gardens have an iconic greenhouse as a centerpiece and the Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Wisley is no exception. The Society is celebrating its Bicentenary with the creation of a stunning new Glasshouse which will be opened in mid-June 2007 (see www.rhs.org.uk for details) and I was fortunate enough to be one of […]

Veg Plots at Chateau de Villandry and Eden Project

Although traditionalists may argue that there is nothing more attractive than a vegetable plot planted in straight rows like a production line, they are much more versatile than that, all you have to do is to change your perception and think of them as both ornamental and practical and your vegetable garden will be transformed! […]

Hardwood Cuttings

This is the time of year for hardwood cuttings, they don’t need a propagator, heat, misting or any specialist equipment, all you need is good old fashioned garden soil, sharp sand and a pair of secateurs. Plants that can be propagated using this method include ‘Dogwood’, ‘Buddleia’, gooseberries, roses, winter flowering viburnum’s and red and […]

Growing Garlic – Try it this year!

If you’ve never tried growing garlic, make this the year! It needs light soil, an open sunny site and can be planted from early October to late December. Don’t plant until spring on heavier soils, digging in grit or planting it on ridges or temporarily in pots of loam based compost then transplanting outdoors in […]