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Getting Started With Potatoes – Part 16

When you’ve got a greenhouse you’ve got everything you need to be productive in terms of homegrown fruit and vegetables. Whether you are starting out, or an experienced gardener, growing potatoes is one of the easiest and most rewarding crops you can grow. With a greenhouse you can get your potatoes off to the best […]

Slippery Paths – Getting Rid of Algae – Part 15

We’ve had so much rain in the last few weeks that the greenhouse has been a haven from the elements. The gutters on my greenhouse were filled with needles from next door’s ancient cedar of Lebanon and when it rained they overflowed violently. It didn’t take long to clear them out and free up the […]

Grow Your Own Fruit in the New Year

Although ‘Growing your own’ has ignited an unprecedented interest in vegetable growing, a fascination for fruit is taking a little longer. Sales are increasing slowly but people still believe that growing fruit is too challenging – birds steal the crops, lists of pollination partners are incomprehensible, and pruning, an impossible mystery to all but the […]

Swiss Cheese – it’s a plant

In this series of monthly articles Bob explores the incredible range of plants you can grow in a greenhouse, conservatory or plastic tunnel. Not just the purely decorative but the scented and edible also, and maybe those plants that are just downright interesting. This month Bob nominates ~ The Swiss Cheese plant. We all know […]

Garden Survival in November

Whatever the weather in October, from the beginning of November, temperatures drop and strong winds begin to blow, clearing the leaves from deciduous trees. It’s the time of year to tidy the garden, making sure that tender plants are protected and that everything can withstand the winter blast. Last year came as a surprise; I’m […]

The Great Greenhouse Tidy-up & Autumn Sown Beans – Part 13

I’ve left the greenhouse to it’s own devices for the last few days as I’ve been working away. Normally I leave the key with a neighbour, who diligently waters everything in my absence, but most of the established plants are at the end of their cropping period so they didn’t need much attention really. Now […]