Part of a new, exclusive project in London’s East end, bringing plants, botany and horticulture back into fashion, the bespoke Hartley Botanic glasshouse is an extravagant stage prop within the theatre of this immense London Skyline production.

The impressive wedge-shaped glazed creation was carefully erected between established pavement trees, in a matter of days by the Hartley Botanic team. Transformed by a team of stylists and designers into a ‘pop-up’ marketing suite, the bespoke glasshouse, was filled with botanical delights and quickly took the starring role.

The Hartley Range of Colours

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  • Hypca White
  • Country Stone
  • Verona Stone
  • The Cotswold
  • The Olive Leaf
  • Vista Grey
  • Forest Green
  • Mist
  • Bronze

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