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    The only aluminium glasshouses and greenhouses endorsed by the RHS.

    Please answer the following questions with 5 being excellent and 1 being room for improvement


    1: During your purchase, did you feel we provided you with our full range exploring all options to enable you to make an informed decision?

    2: How was our communications throughout all stages of your purchase?

    3: Regarding your delivery, did we keep you informed, arrive when we said we would and place your structure in an agreed and safe location?

    4: Did we communicate with you effectively and were we punctual and professional throughout your installation?

    5: On completion and hand-over, did we remove all waste packaging material leaving your property clean and ready for you to enjoy your new Hartley and provide you with your "Hartley customer welcome pack?"

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    7: What were your main reasons for choosing Hartley?

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