Victorian Glasshouses

Discover Hartley’s Traditional Victorian Greenhouses & Glasshouses Range

The Hartley Range of Traditional Glasshouses exudes the utmost respect for the sense of style, function and proportion that was the very seed corn of Victorian Greenhouse design.

Their timber and wrought iron Glasshouses were an integral and indispensable part of self-perpetuating gardens that were both a major source of pride and pleasure.

Our Exceptional Range of Victorian Glasshouses & Greenhouses

Ample growing height to accommodate exotic tree ferns or tropical palms comes as standard, as does a steep roof pitch for optimum weather resistance and ambient growing conditions. From the essential simplicity of the Victorian Classic Glasshouse, to the spacious ambience of the Victorian Grand Lodge, the Victorian Glasshouses range provides for the most exacting needs of gardens big or small.

Either as a garden room, a specific growing environment, or a combination of both.

Customisable To Your Personal Needs & Requirements

Our Traditional Victorian Greenhouse style can be easily customised to your personal requirements, or to form a tailor-made maintenance-free replacement for an existing timber Greenhouse that is beyond repair, incorporating narrower glass panes to match the original Victorian Greenhouse in character and appearance.

Celebrate the Victorian History of Traditional Greenhouses

Are you interested to know what inspired this range? Why not read the history of Traditional Greenhouses in the Victorian era, which inspired this range.

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Learn everything you need to know about Hartley Greenhouses. From choosing the best Greenhouse size for your garden to discovering how to properly care for your Glasshouse, ensure your plants are healthy and happy with our guides.