Small Greenhouses

Make the most of your garden with a small Greenhouse

Small Greenhouses are perfect for gardens where you want to maximise your growing area without losing too much of your outside space. They offer all of the usual protection from the elements while a roof over your head allows you to garden whatever the weather. Various types of opening vents help to control the temperature inside your small Greenhouse, and with the added benefit of staging and shelving, you can increase your growing space further.

While you might think only cheap Greenhouses are available in small sizes, the truth is that Hartley Botanic can supply you with quality small garden Greenhouses that will last for generations. Even in the worst of weather, when your neighbours’ Greenhouses are blowing away, a small Hartley greenhouse will remain standing.

Small Greenhouse range

We have a range of lean-to Greenhouses to add outdoor growing space along a wall for a compact and highly functional option. Our Vista and Vista Skyline models have curved roofs, giving you a more contemporary look, a range of growing heights and head clearance space.

The Tradition family lives up to its name with glazing from the ground up, or the option of constructing a partial brick wall with glazing above – either option will withstand the elements better than many cheap small Greenhouses.

And the Octagonal Greenhouse is an excellent free-standing small Greenhouse option in gardens where any one orientation would not fit your layout. Or perhaps a small Victorian Planthouse fits with your property, adding style and elegance to your garden.

Choice and Flexibility

Our full range of small Greenhouses offers you plenty of choice and flexibility, including the Grow and Store Greenhouse in any combination of Greenhouse/shed elements to fit your needs and measurements.

The same engineering and care go into manufacturing the smallest Patio Glasshouse as goes into the largest bespoke Greenhouse. Like all Hartley Botanic small greenhouses, they are built to last.