Product Range

The Hartley Botanic Greenhouse

Take the stress out of buying a Greenhouse or Glasshouse with Hartley Botanic. With a wide range of makes and models, we offer custom advice tailored to location,

climate budget, and growing requirements. This ensures you receive the best Hartley Greenhouse for your needs.

Greenhouse and Glasshouses Range

From bespoke Greenhouses and canopies to space-saving Patio Glasshouses, every Hartley Botanic Greenhouse is made in England, representing the very best in quality and endurance. Choose from our most popular Glasshouses, including the Opus, Landscape, or Victorian ranges,

or opt for a custom-made, unique Greenhouse for a growing space specific to you. Every Hartley Greenhouse comes in a range of lengths and widths, to fit a variety of garden sizes.

Greenhouse Accessories

Furnish and equip your Hartley Botanic Greenhouse with a selection of Greenhouse accessories, such as grow lights, staging, shelving, heaters, and vine supports. Ensure your plants are well-protected with retractable roller blinds and ventilation options.