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British summertime – Roses love the rain

British summertime seems to have reverted to the normal state of play because it’s wet and not that warm. Wimbledon was a washout, for the first time in many years. The rowers at Henley Regatta were wet before they entered the somewhat polluted water and staycation holiday makers can be seen dodging the puddles. I’m […]

Keeping your plants in tip top condition

At last temperatures have risen and there’s been some sunshine. Keep twining cucumber stems round their supports and cut back the side shoots two leaves beyond the flowers and fruits, as they grow. Increased air movement, keeping the foliage dry, plants well-watered at the base and mulching all combine to reduce chances of powdery mildew […]

Kale but not as we grew it

An unlikely plant to encounter in a greenhouse has been Kale. Completely hardy, Kale’s effectively a cabbage but tougher, eventually a large plant several feet tall. Seldom eaten save as a deep-winter vegetable the leaves have seen increasing demand year round by health seekers for super-nutritious smoothies. It’s quite feasible to grow Kale plants to […]

Feed and water for bumper harvests

I hope that your greenhouse tomatoes are growing well, despite the lack of light. Itit is time to remove the side shoots of ‘cordon’ varieties, as they appear, using your finger and thumb, to create a single productive stem and channel moisture and energy into fruit rather than leaf. Keep the compost constantly moist, particularly […]

Planting for second crops in midsummer

The greenhouse has now been planted up with tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and some basil, and the growing year is underway. I want to say ‘finally’ – it is finally underway. It all happened quite late this year – that long, cold, wet spring really didn’t lend itself to early sowings and plantings, even under glass, […]