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Many gardeners long to live ‘the good life’ by growing vegetables that can be harvested and used in your picture-perfect farmhouse kitchen.

It’s a dream that doesn’t have to be so far away, and the articles below look at what can be grown in a greenhouse, when to plant your seeds, and how to achieve the best crops.

Take a look through the pages below, and you’ll soon have a harvest of your own.

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Growing chillies in a heated propagator maximises your crop

Chillies: we Brits love ‘em! Over the past decade the English palette has become used to an increasing amount of tastes and flavours from around the world. This is down to a wide range of influences including emigration, TV celebrities, cheaper air travel; allowing more and more people to fly to far away destinations and […]

How to Grow Squashes

The summer squashes, which include patty pan and winter squash, which include pumpkins, are easy and rewarding crops to grow. Squashes are members of the gourd family and include pumpkins, courgettes and marrows. Courgettes can be described as summer squashes but here we will concentrate on summer squashes other than courgettes and also look at […]