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Buying a Greenhouse (5)

Can you deliver abroad?

We deliver and install Glasshouses and Greenhouses all over the world. In fact, we have delivered and installed in over 20 Countries in the past two years. We welcome enquiries, which would usually be dealt with by our UK Sales team.

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What are the benefits of buying bespoke greenhouse?

A bespoke structure, by definition, is custom made to an exact size, shape, design, etc. While standard sized model can sometimes be more cost-effective option, the ability to customise every aspect of your greenhouse is a hugely attractive proposition. This allows the re-use of an existing greenhouse concrete base, the maximisation of the existing space available or the realisation of a particular design.


Hartley Botanic manufacture Hand-Made, Made to Order bespoke Glasshouses and Greenhouses for customers all over the world and have a reputation beyond compare in this regard. While standard models can offer value for money, a bespoke design can realise a long-held desire for a very specific glasshouse design or specification.

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With limited garden space, is it best to go for a lean-to attached to the house or a smaller freestanding structure? What are the pros and cons?

A lean-to greenhouse is an excellent use of space and can be warmer than a free-standing structure. It is also a big plus in terms of proximity, and ease of provision of services (power and water). The advantage of a freestanding structure is that it can be accommodated anywhere that the current garden layout allows, even in smaller gardens.


A lean to, of course, needs an area of free space against a wall, which may not be practical for some people.

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Can you explain the difference between a lean-to and a free-standing design?

Lean-to greenhouses are placed along south facing walls and work well in both walled gardens and against a property’s external wall, while free standing designs are standalone structures, that can be placed anywhere on the property.


Abutting Glasshouses and Greenhouses are typically attached to a building by their side. Attaching a Greenhouse to the side of your property can create beautiful, architectural interest and a contemporary look. This is especially true if selecting stone for the greenhouses’ dwarf wall which mirrors that of the property itself.


Lean-to and abutting greenhouses can provide clever, neat and stylish design solutions which make effective use of smaller outdoor spaces or give direct access to your greenhouse through your property. With their roof pitch highest next to the adjoining wall, lean-to designs provide ideal spaces to grow fruit trees and ornamentals which benefit from being trained.

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What is the best design for period homes?

For period properties, the most popular glasshouses are from our Victorian Glasshouses. Victorian style greenhouses allow gardeners to enjoy period styling and authentic period design, with accessories such as finial and roof cresting and ball or spike finials perfectly finishing the look.


However, design choices are clearly subjective, and our incomparable range of beautiful and elegant structures will suit all preferences and styles. Some customers like to mix a period look with a very modern Greenhouse and our Modern Horticulture range is well suited for that.

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Delivery (5)

Can you deliver abroad?

We deliver and install Glasshouses and Greenhouses all over the world. In fact, we have delivered and installed in over 20 Countries in the past two years. We welcome enquiries, which would usually be dealt with by our UK Sales team.

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Do you deliver to France?

Question: Do you deliver to France as we have a house there in the Haurte Vienne and would be looking to get a greenhouse there. How does this interact with taking site measurements? I would be looking at something along the lines of the Botanic Glasshouse 1

Answer: We do deliver and install in France, along with many other parts of the world. We suggest the client prepares the necessary building works, from a detailed plan we would provide at point of order. We do need to take site measurements, as we provide the plans for the clients contractor to follow. We would manufacture the structure (to one of our standard sizes, or to the client’s preferred bespoke sizes), deliver it to the site, and then send our assembly team to the site to complete the installation. If we can assist with anything further please don’t hesitate to get back in touch.

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Greenhouse Maintenance (5)

Good morning. how would you change the glass in the door of the greenhouse. one of the panes has shattered

To replace broken glass on our doors – Simply remove the infill strip in the centre of the glazing capping. This will expose the stainless steel screws securing the capping to the door which clamps the glass in place. With the screws removed the capping will pull away allowing the glass pieces to be removed. Re-installation is a reversal of the removal process.

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Heating a Greenhouse (2)

How would i attach bubble wrap to the inside of my greenhouse?

Bubble wrap can be attached by simply using ‘no.8 self tapping screws’ to an appropriate depth. These can be screwed directly into the channels in the aluminium extrusion. Also use washers with the screws to prevent the bubble wrap tearing.

Also useful are strong spring loaded clips (like stationers ‘Bulldog’ clips) i.e. stronger than clothes pegs, although these have also been known to be used successfully.

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Preparing the Site (5)

What is the best position for a glasshouse, what do I need to consider?

The best position for a greenhouse is in as much sunlight as possible during all seasons of the year. Avoid locating your greenhouse in the shadow of tall trees, boundary fences or walls as these will obstruct light.


For lean-to greenhouses placed against a wall, a south-facing position is ideal. For stand-alone structures, the ridge along the top of the greenhouse should ideally run from East to West, this will allow the sun to run along its longest side during the day. Other elemental considerations include a location to avoid prevailing winds to reduce unnecessary cooling and choosing a site which is not shaded, but equally not too exposed to the cold. If possible, choose an area which is easily accessible from the property allowing you to ‘pop-in’ to the greenhouse regularly.

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How do I decide where to site my new greenhouse?

When deciding where to place a greenhouse, basic considerations are good light and shelter from strong winds. Ensure the ground drains easily and is level. If water and power services will be required, make sure these are laid on prior to the arrival of the greenhouse, or make schedule to lay them on at a later date.


All too often greenhouses are relegated to neglected corners of the garden, whereas to be used effectively, the distance from the property should be minimised, so you can simply “pop into the greenhouse” easily. Make sure to have the door closest to the house if possible. Running the ridge “east to west” is recommended to allow maximum light into the greenhouse

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Do you measure and install the greenhouse on two levels?

Yes we would visit site, measure and prepare a quotation for you. If you then placed an order our technical office would visit to take accurate measurements to enable us  to prepare detailed drawings for the base to be built. We would then install the greenhouse onto your pre-prepared foundations.

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Erecting a Greenhouse (5)

Can I build my greenhouse myself?

Some of our smaller greenhouses can be assembled by the customer, the larger Victorian glasshouses are assembled by us and is included in the price

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When is the best time of year to build a greenhouse?

The optimum time to build a new greenhouse would be either at the beginning or end of the growing season. Orders placed late in the year or early in the year between November and March will enable you to get your new greenhouse up and running for the start of the growing season. However there is really no reason why you shouldn’t put a new greenhouse in at any time which suits you and your circumstances.”

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Existing Hartleys (5)

I have a problem with the lock on our Hartley curved top greenhouse installed in 2015. The dead bolt is stuck, locked. It isn't frozen I have removed the external bead to adjacent pane and the curved top bead but can only remove the top pane. Removing outside handle doesn't help to access the bolt. How can I open the lock please?

If the lock was last used some time ago the bolt may have become stuck due to moisture , debris, corrosion etc. We would suggest a penetrating / water dis-placing oil (WD40 or similar) applied liberally into the lock mechanism. This should release the lock.

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Hi we have just moved into our house and it has an 8' wisley greenhouse with an inward opening door, is it possible to change this to one that either opens outwards or slides as it takes over a lot of the internal space?

It would be helpful to know the age of the greenhouse before we could give an answer to this question In the first instance we would need to talk with you and possibily request a photograph of the greenhouse to see if we could assist.

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Replacement edging seals

Question: Hi, I have inherited an old 2nd hand Hartley 10, 7 Section polygon greenhouse, which I would like to restore to its former glory.  Unfortunately there are several broken or missing panes of glass.  Getting 4mm replacement safety glass is not a problem, but the edge seals are missing.  This is a square U section and extends ~ 10mm onto the glass and forms the weather seal between the glass and aluminium frake when held in place by the screw-down glazing bars.  It is quite thin and flexible, but not rubber.  Possibly TPE.  Is it still possible to get this or can you recommend a replacement?

Answer: Some of our older greenhouses were supplied with 3MM horticultural glass. We do supply the TPR (thermo plastic rubber). Please call our office for further details.

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Moving a Hartley (2)

Moving a Hartley greenhouse

Question: I have two questions, firstly I am moving to Scotland in the future and there is a hartley greenhouse that needs to be resited and the seals have shrunk and would need replacing .The glasshouse is approx. 15/8ft. and has a brick base.Would you know which model from this brief description? It is quite old, but in reasonable order and seems to be the style favoured in this area. The second query is related to me getting a quote from an aluminium conservatory company for a conservatory approx. 5mtrx3mtr, but the quote was well out of my budget and I wondered if another option would be a lean to glasshouse but there are no prices shown and I need to have some idea in order to know if this is an option.

Answer: We wouldn’t unfortunately know the model from the brief description, however if you could provide photographs this would help?
If you could give us an idea of size required for the lean to greenhouse, we would be more than happy to provide an estimated cost for you. Please contact us for more information.

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