Help and Support

Laura Jones - Sales Support
Laura Jones – Sales Support

At Hartley we will look after you at every stage of the process. From an initial enquiry, all the way through to the erection of your greenhouse, or glasshouse.  The following information may help you understand more about buying a Hartley. If you can’t find the information that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pre Sale

Right from initial contact our aim is to provide “old fashioned” courtesy and service, with as much advice and information as possible, in the manner most appropriate for you, the individual client. Each of our glasshouses are hand-made to order and are as unique as their owner. Whether it’s a greenhouse for a much loved alpine display, or a space to relax and enjoy nature, we will work with you to create your perfect environment.

If you need advice on design, positioning, heating or lighting, our hugely experienced team will be delighted guide you through the options available. These days we find that our clients prefer a “personal service”, and we are always on hand to visit your garden to discuss important details.


Becky Keane - Customer Services
Becky Keane – Customer Services

Once you place your order you will see the reason for our enviable reputation for customer service. If you need plans for a new build glasshouse, a technical site survey to determine dimensions and levels, all the way through to scaled drawing for planning purposes, our Technical Team will guide your chosen contractor in every aspect, to ensure every detail is taken care of.

Customer Services will initially discuss the project plan with you, and make sure the structure is manufactured to meet even the most demanding schedule. They will also co-ordinate all departments and even your own contractors, to deliver the structure at exactly the right moment. Once the structure arrives on site they will co-ordinate the installation, minimising the installation timescale, so you can get growing as soon as possible.

Post sale

As a valued customer you join the ever growing numbers of Hartley owners who we speak with on a daily basis to help with accessorising, or adapting your greenhouse to your ever changing requirements. We can advise on maintenance, cleaning, renovation, or even increasing the size of your structure. Our records date back to the war years, and we can still provide parts for even our oldest structures – some installed in 1950 and still in daily use.  Customers have become “old friends” and we welcome them to our factory time after time to collect additional accessories, or whatever they need for their continued gardening pleasure.