Thank you to Hartley Botanic for our beautiful greenhouse from everyone at Derian House Children’s Hospice

The greenhouse has already become a hub of activity, much loved by our children and young people as well as, of course, our gardener and team of green-fingered volunteers. The Victorian-style greenhouse is truly stunning and really compliments the rest of the garden – it’s like it has always been there! We received a fantastic service from the professional and friendly team at Hartley Botanic who continue to offer us the highest level of care. The greenhouse will be a very special feature at Derian House for years to come.

Derian House Children's Hospice
Lancashire, 5

I am beyond thrilled with my Hartley greenhouse.  Not only is it beautiful, it serves as a functional greenhouse year round.  It is large enough that I am able to winter over my annuals and start seeds early enough for my spring, summer and fall gardens.  All of the details from beginning to end were professionally handled and everyone from the Hartley company were a delight to work with

Mrs Sessler
Washington, USA, 5

After 15 years I required additional staging. Leanne was able to dig up my old order and find exactly what was required and did so in a lovely and humorous way.

What a great company to deal with!

Mr Woolf

Just thought Hartley would like to see their greenhouse still standing happily after 6 years in a very exposed site in the Scottish Highlands !

Mrs Wright
Scottish Highlands, 5

I purchased the greenhouse as a present to myself for my 60th birthday. One of my best gifts ever. It is in use continuously although bare of greenery this time of year. I use it for over wintering my orange tree, propagating seeds, growing tomatoes and currently for listening to the Classic fM Hall of Fame 300. It hasn’t corroded or warped and all works as it was intended

Mr Gardner

Today marks the 4th anniversary since Bruce, Pete, Darren and Gary installed our new Hartley Botanic greenhouse!!

In these troubled times, we do hope that you are all keeping well.  Hopefully you are selling more greenhouses than ever and providing the best very places in which to isolate and spend lockdown!  I probably qualify as HB’s happiest customer and, in more normal times, it is ALWAYS admired and commented upon by our many visitors!


The greenhouse was initially thought mainly as a safe place for some of our plants during winter time. But now I really enjoy working in there, potting new plants and so on. Didn’t think it could be such fun.

So – Thank you.

Mrs K
Germany, 5

I’m having to stay at home for 12 weeks. I have a very bad chest so I’m keeping away from everyone.
My greenhouse has been absolutely brilliant I can spend all day doing seeds and potting up I have lots and lots of plants and veg growing. Sending you some pictures. Here is a list of veg
Broad Bean’s
Runner beans
Kohl rabi

And this morning I got some strawberries plants in pots, I love to grow fuchisas. All through summer the greenhouse is full the flowers I’m growing for bedding plants are Lobelea, Marigold, Sweet pea, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Aster and Dahlia

I’m afraid, and the greenhouse is pretty empty, as we have just re-potted the geraniums and signally failed to get any seeds to grow on before all the garden centres closed! But we did clean all the windows yesterday, so it is in good order when everything opens up again!

Ms V

Just thought I would send you a photo of our veg garden looking super with the green house taking centre stage.

Very pleased with the quality and service received.

Mr Stones
Lincolnshire, 5

Just thought you would like to see my greenhouse which you supplied last April. I have just received the gift and questionnaire from you. I am so happy with it. Dad was my gardening inspiration but sadly never got to see my greenhouse. He would have loved it. I have grown tomatoes and through the winter I had it full with mums chrysanthemums, he would be so pleased.

L Carter

Congratulations to Bear Residence on your award. 

We have just finished terracing and tidying a courtyard around our old 4 pane Wisley which has come from home to home with us.  During that time it even spent 4 years lying deconstructed and uncovered in the long grass in our paddock. Out it came in great shape ready for its next garden phase. My husband thinks I’m mad carting it around with us but I love it and won’t part with it.  I think he’s secretly impressed with how good it still looks.

J Gidney
UK, 5

I’m writing to you to give you my testimony on my vintage Hartley 10.

About 2 years ago I found an eBay listing for an old Hartley greenhouse, it was dirty and well used, however I fell in love with its ‘semi dodecagon’ shaped structure. I had never heard of Hartley Botanic. But after searching up Hartley I was amazed to see how a company for a ‘simple’ greenhouse could be so custom, complex and detailed.I soon learnt about Hartley’s long history from their superb brochure and website, I knew that my next greenhouse had to be a Hartley.After 2 years of that first event I managed to acquire a vintage 1970’s Hartley 10 situated in Manchester.After dismantling it, I cleaned every single part, I was impressed that it was in excellent condition for its age.This meant 99% of the structure is still original which is very important to me as the parts have beautifully aged and patinated giving the structure a unique character! I only had to buy some TPR which was easily delivered by Hartley’s great customer service! I have now assembled the structure with the help of Hartley and is sitting in my garden looking brand new- I can’t wait to fill it up from vegetable plants to rare carnivorous tropical plants!

S Mehmetaj
Nottingham, 5

Dear Hartley,

I was trimming the cucumbers in my GH yesterday and realised I’d been doing exactly the same thing for 11 years. It struck me that I ought to thank you for creating one of the most robust, yet attractive GHs available.

We live within half a mile of the sea and, as such, can be hit by storms of such ferocity that they’ve ripped up beach huts, sheared off roofs and destroyed sea defences. The GH? Not a whisper of wind inside. It stands there, like a sentinel at the bottom of the garden. sometimes covered in snow, sometimes with hail pinging off it, sometimes in brilliant morning sunshine plump with toms and cucumbers and aubergine…

Enough said – you get the picture. The pleasure this space has given me and my wife and kids down the years has been immeasurable. Thank you.

P Merivale
UK, 5

I was a school teacher. Head of biology at Plant Hill High School. Some time in the 1960’s the rural studies teacher left and I inherited that subject. The school had a Hartley Greenhouse and I was impressed by it. I then went on to gain my RHS teachers certificate and managed to persuade the powers that be to let us have a second Hartley. When I retired in 1990 I bought one for my own use and have never regretted it. The reason for my brochure request is that my nephew is interested in buying a greenhouse and was impressed by mine even though it is now 26 years old.

M Coackley
Derbyshire, 5

It was 12 months ago today that we visited your stand at Hampton Court Flower show and considered purchasing a Hartley Botanic Greenhouse.  We now know that we made the right choice.

Having ordered the greenhouse from you last September we are delighted with the end result.  The greenhouse looks really good within our garden (as shown on the attached photograph) and is much admired by our friends and family.

Thanks very much to your team who erected it on our wall.

B Smith
Gloucester, 5

I am writing to say how pleased I am with the lovely greenhouse that I had from you last year.

It has been a real pleasure to use and has been an excellent addition to my house and garden.

I have spent many hours building it and sorting it out and I am delighted with the way it now looks.

Mr Whitlock
Worcester, 5

Our client in Torridon in the NW Scottish Highlands selected the Traditional 6 in the Hartley Botanic range.  Set within a small vegetable garden and surrounded by a native hornbeam hedge, the views are just stunning.   We love the simplicity and functionality of this greenhouse, most importantly, it is very tough. Of most concern to us was the strength of the wind that blows down the glen, but once inside you feel instantly protected, warm and secure – just what your plants need.  Our client, who has not gardened before is delighted with the Hartley and the young tomato plants are thriving. Thank you again for your assistance and expertise.

E George
Torridon, 5

We are so pleased with our Hartley Traditional 8 Planthouse. It has become a main feature of our rural garden

Mr & Mrs Lewis

As promised, please find attached a few pictures of the finished greenhouse.  I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and it says a lot about the quality of Hartley products that a sixty year old greenhouse can still look this good.

Many thanks for your help and advice.

All the best



I thought the service I received from your company was exemplary and a special mention must go to Joan in customer service and Pete who delivered the glasshouse and installed it for me.  Please pass on my thanks to both of them.

I look forward to using my Hartley Patio Glasshouse in due course.

Mr Mason

I felt I should send an email as we want to say a huge thank you to your team today for the fantastic job they have made of putting up our greenhouse. It was a joy to come home after work and to find it sitting there looking wonderful.

The chaps who came must have had a horrible day as it rained almost solidly all day and I thought about them all day wading around in mud!! I would be grateful if you could pass on our huge thanks to them for their work in what must have been difficult circumstances and they left the site immaculate too.

We have been extremely impressed with Hartley Botanic. From start to finish you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and nothing has been too much trouble for everyone we have spoken to.

We won’t hesitate to recommend your company and thank you very much for our beautiful greenhouse.

Mr & Mrs Bumford

Thanks Hartley, I love my new greenhouse. Here are some pictures of my first crop.


What a brilliant decision it was to buy this!! We don’t have a huge garden, so the greenhouse has become the centre of activity.


In our first season, it’s already provided plants for the house and garden, vegetables, tomatoes and chillies by the hundred.


Mr Graham Parker

What a brilliant decision it was to buy this!! We don’t have a huge garden, so the greenhouse has become the centre of activity.


In our first season, it’s already provided plants for the house and garden, vegetables, tomatoes and chillies by the hundred.


Here is my greenhouse. We live in the far North of Scotland (hence all the fleece wrapping on my plants) but it has stood up to really severe weather – 80 mph winds are not uncommon. It is a brilliant greenhouse. The local people thought that a greenhouse would not withstand our severe winter weather but are now admiring it for its strength as well as its looks! Thank you!

Mrs D

. . .Having been a long standing customer of Hartley Greenhouses – this being my third – the first in 1948 I had no hesitation and looked at no other greenhouse when ordering this one

Allerton, Bradford, 5

Hi Hartley, My wife and I wanted to send you an email to say thank you so much to yourself, John Figg, Steve and all at Hartley for such a wonderful service.
Steve has been extremely helpful and has gone above and beyond to ensure the installation has gone well. Thanks again and we will certainly be recommending your company to our friends.
Best regards

Darren and Stephanie Hackett

We are absolutely delighted with our Planthouse.

Mr S

I bought this greenhouse on eBay a year or so ago. I don’t know how old it was but after much effort and a lot of advice from yourselves it is back together again as strong as the day it was built. Just thought you might like a photo for your website.

Mr Sharratt

Just a few words to say how happy we are with our beautiful glasshouse!? Steve and Rob did a very good job and were an efficient and friendly team!

Mr & Mrs R

I love my new Hartley Tradition greenhouse, it has been the affording me a place to spend quality time with my daughter (whatever the weather), teaching her where our food comes from, how to grow, and what to cook from our produce.


The greenhouse has become the heart of the garden with everything else planned around it. Top quality, a trophy in my garden – thank you Hartley

Miss Lee

I love my new Hartley Tradition greenhouse, it has been the affording me a place to spend quality time with my daughter (whatever the weather), teaching her where our food comes from, how to grow, and what to cook from our produce.


The greenhouse has become the heart of the garden with everything else planned around it. Top quality, a trophy in my garden – thank you Hartley

I bought a Hartley Clear Span (6 pane) from you around 35 years ago and chose you because of the Clear Spans innate strength and quality. With us being at approximately 900′ above sea level and experiencing strong south westerly’s the greenhouse has stood steadfast and whilst it was expensive at the time is a credit to your designers etc. (It looks like you have renamed the greenhouse as High Grow)

Alan Atkinson
Bradford, 5

Dear Sirs

I enclose my completed installation customer report. We are delighted with our new greenhouse.

May I also take the opportunity to say how impressed we have been by all the people we have dealt with at Hartley Botanic, from our initial contact at the Hampton Court Flower Show in July 2013 to everyone at your offices, with whom we have spoken regarding the order, including the team who delivered the greenhouse and of course the fitters. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful.

We would certainly recommend Hartley Botanic to anyone who is considering buying a greenhouse.


Mr & Mrs Evans

Dear Hartley, we are delighted with our new greenhouse- a highgrow 10, and as you can see for the picture our golden retriever Sandy thinks it’s pretty good as well!We are growing potatoes, 3 different lots of salad leaves, parsley, turnips, purple basil, spinach, spinach beet , sorrel and marigolds already, it was only put up in august!
We don’t want to drill holes in framework but wondered if there is anything else I can attach for support wires to run along the length of the greenhouse for next year to support cucumbers etc
Kind Regards

Mr & Mrs Portelly

I rescued a Hartley ten from demolition not too long ago, and with help from yourself and your staff at Hartleys I was able to bring it back to a functional greenhouse once more. Fire damage and neglect left this greenhouse cosmetically in a bad state. However due to its design strength, the potential was always possible.

I am delighted with your company and its staff, for all their kind assistance, but above all I am delighted with this Hartley 10. Enclosed are some photographs of a before and after project. Once again thank you and I will certainly promote your company whenever I get an opportunity.

Cheadle Heath, 5

We took delivery of a Harley Cottage 6 last May and it has exceeded all our expectations! As you can see from the photo even though it was late in the season we made very good use of it, lost count of the cucumbers and tomatoes we  had, all lovely. The greenhouse has given me many happy hours since it was delivered and I am looking forward to many more this year! Thanks again for excellent product.

John Breeze
Cheshire, 5

Dear Hartley
Thank you so much for your excellent organisation and work which has enabled my greenhouse to be completed and installed before Christmas. I’ve waited 10 years to have a greenhouse so it is very special. With best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

Gill Quijas
Cornwall, 5

Our greenhouse was delivered safely this evening by your two young men. I would like you to know that they were extremely polite and very efficient, even after what had been a very trying day. Please thank them for us.

Mr B

Hi Hartley

We got our greenhouse this time last year and really enjoyed it. Your service was first class from initial contact right through very helpful delivery team to after sales question or two.


D White

I inherited this Hartley greenhouse from my late Father who owned it for over 40 years. My dad was a market gardener and this was his ‘smallest’ greenhouse. I recall seeing it for the first time in the early seventies at his nursery sat amidst the 100 footer greenhouses. He retired in the early nineties and this is the one he took back to the family home.

I inherited it in late 2007 and rebuilt it single handily without the instructions. I didn’t rush into things; as I had to think things through logically and establish how it went together again. The greenhouse is in excellent condition for its age and it is so robust in its manufacture.
I should think it will last a good few years yet.

Paul Townsend
Cumbria, 5

Just a quick e mail to say how pleased I am with my new greenhouse. I am busily getting it ready for spring if it arrives. I would like to thank you for your excellent service.

The delivery and assembling was as promised.

I had the base put down by a local builder with a stone mason making the base and slabs. They did a great job and would recommend their service to any prospective buyers local to Buxton.

Philip Cox
Peak Forest, 5

Compliments on the pleasant manner of all the staff at Hartley Botanic. Sitting here with builders departed in luxurious peace, hurrah for our glasshouse inclusive of a slate floor and chandelier too! I love it.

Holborn, 5

Dear sirs, … I am extremely pleased with the final product, it is everything I wanted and have already had a good first season of toms, peppers, French beans, lettuce, chillis and have a Black Hamburg vine already establishing itself.

Outstanding customer service too – many thanks!

M Dixon

Dear Hartley- Botanic folk

Recently we had a Plant house 8 installed in our garden. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the design, finish and service provided by your company. All who have seen the greenhouse are impressed with the quality and look and it really finishes off our garden!

Thank you again!!!

Tracy Tulk

. . . all those involved have been extremely polite and co-operative. The installation team cleared up completely on completion and left the site impeccable

Norman Millard
Chelsfield Village, Kent, 5

Dear Mr Horton, please find attached images of my Vista Lean-to. Moved into a new build and fitted it to the rear of my garage, it blends in perfectly.


Dear Hartley,

I would like to say how pleased I am with my victorian greenhouse, it was a birthday gift from my husband and I love it… This is my second growing season and I have been able to fill my boarders with flowering plants as well as having home grown fresh veg to eat..
It is a beautifull greenhouse and this time of year its my second home.

We cannot find a bad thing to say about the service we had from you and your team we are very very pleased with our greenhouse, thank you.

Mrs J Noyes

Dear Sir. I have inherited a semi-dodecagon greenhouse which was made by V&N Hartley. I have moved it from North Wales to Yorkshire. Before re-assembly I would like to paint it in a colour similar to the green being used on the same model today . . . . I realise that the greenhouse is over 33 years old since I also have the original brochure from which it was selected in 1967. It is in remarkably good condition for its age and looks as if it is good for at least another 33 years, maybe you should not make them so well as the greenhouses appear to outlast the customers!

Mr P Adams
Wickersley, Rotherham, 5

Dear Sirs

My Hartley greenhouse has given excellent service for 59 years. It was bought by my father in 1954. He grew many prize winning tomatoes in it. I enclose the original order form and a photograph taken today.

J Corless

Dear Sirs, I see from your latest advert in the gardening press that louvered windows are available on your current models. I have a ‘Hartley 7′ Lean To greenhouse, which dates back to 1966 (and never a penny spent on it since) and I am wondering whether these louvres are available for such an ancient model.

K. A. Foster
Belper, Derbyshire, 5

Many thanks for your very excellent service and patience from start through planning to completion, as first customers we have no hesitation in recommending you to our customers.

S Clark
Filey, 5

. . . On first sight I am very impressed with the construction of the greenhouse compared to the similar greenhouse which my father bought in Lancashire about 47 years ago! . . . They were most courteous and friendly . . . Tools were collected and cleaned etc – when others might have ‘headed home’ as darkness fell.

Dr Bruce Rigby
Roebuck, York, 5

Last November I telephoned you regarding replacing the heating in our Hartley greenhouse. My late husband purchased it at Chelsea in 1954 as per the enclosed invoice. The heating has now been replaced. I am enclosing the original invoice for our records or should I say museum.

Mrs Ellen
Romford, 5

We bought a 12 ft Highgrow ( 5 panes long ), as our last greenhouse exploded in a particularly bad gale in November 2010. Our lovely Hartley is reassuringly sound. The recent weather has been testing and it is solid in gales.

Mrs S Thomas
Conwy, 5

Dear Sirs, In september 1969 we purchased from you a New ‘Hartley 7′ Lean-to Glass to Ground 7′ 8″ long greenhouse which has since given us good service. Due to house alterations it has to be relocated and the only part which needs to be renewed in rebuilding it is the plastic glazing strip. I would be glad if you could supply and deliver a length of glazing strip sufficient for complete reglazing and invoice me with the cost.

Mr Fleming
Bromley, Kent, 5

I bought a twenty two foot greenhouse from you approximately 37 years ago and I thought I would write and tell you it is still in excellent condition . . . I am now 70 and am expecting it to outlast me!!

Norman Greenwell
Ramsbottom, Bury, 5

. . . In 1948 my father bought a 15′ x 10′ Hartley Greenhouse and coerced me, an unwilling teenager, to lay the foundations for the first time . . . My father-in-law then transported the greenhouse to Angelsey. Imagine my delight when it came into my possession in 1983 . . . The foundations for this engineering masterpiece were again laid in Southport and then in the garden of my present home. And on every occasion the greenhouse remained watertight and to this day some 52 years later – still looks as good as new. However leaks have developed, obviously due to hardening of the sealing struts. Can you supply me with a replacement set??

Charles Meredith
Church Stretton, Shropshire, 5

Took this photograph when it was sunny but cold outside .. Inside was a different story !! The greenhouse has stood up to the bad storms of the winter.

Mrs Wright
Kiltarlity, 5

Thanks once again for your help in supplying me with such a lovely greenhouse. We have finished erecting and fitting out the greenhouse.
All that is needed now is an electricity supply and a water butt to complete the set up.

Kindest regards

Terry Peachey

This letter comes to thank you for the excellent service I have received from you and to say how delighted my daughter, Mrs Tait, is with her new greenhouse. Your installer, Steve, arrived on time and worked solidly until completion late in the afternoon, pausing only for coffee and again briefly for a sandwich..

DMH Brown
Wiltshire, 5

Thank you so much for making the purchase and installation of the greenhouse go so smoothly. Your reassurance and follow up telephone calls made it so much better. Your cheerfulness and efficiency make you a special team. Thankyou! Please also thank the delivery men and the installers for being to time and their hard work. I have been very impressed. The greenhouse already has 2 tomatoes, cucumber and peppers doing well and the Apricot is busting into leaves (12 Apricots) we saved it!

If you are ever this way call in for a cup of tea.

Mrs G
Pembrokeshire, 5

I cannot thank you enough for the assistance you gave so readily prior to the delivery of our Hartley Tradition 8 Planthouse. The technical detail is of the highest standard, the finish is first class and we know it will give us many years of pleasure.

Your delivery driver and Stephen your erector were both extremely professional in their approach and we would be grateful if you would convey to them both our gratitude for the respect they showed to our property.

We will be pleased to forward photographs when it is fully planted

JA Hawking
Mid Glamorgan, 5

I appreciated your follow-up phone call. I have to say that the Greenhouse is far better than I had expected. It is spacious, and in Forest Green looks quite elegant in its surroundings. It is a quality product. I was also very impressed by the blokes who erected it. They were courteous, knowledgeable and informative; involving us in every stage of construction. They did not hang about either, with a brief 20min stop for lunch they worked right through the day, before setting off on the long journey back to Oldham. They convey a splendid “image” of Hartley Botanic, and I commend them to you.
As for me, I have found dealing with Hartley a pleasurable experience.


I Parry

Mr I Parry

Dear Hartley,

Call me old fashioned but I don’t like emails so i have included a couple of photos with a letter.

It’s hard to imagine from the pictures but the un-assembled greenhouse stood through the Winter snow on my back lawn and was only assembled in Spring (with no problems I have to add) and these pictures were taken in July. I have always wanted a greenhouse in my garden and have had a good first year with it. The greenhouse is faultless, the secret of my success was to get a super-flat foundation. I sat my greenhouse down 18” so it didn’t interrupt the view from my conservatory, as I can see Emley Moor transmitter, which is lit at night and was illumined in various colours during the Tour de France. Once again I would like to thank you for your good service and attention at all times

Mr Ryden
Yorkshire, 5

Very pleased with my new Hartley greenhouse which is already in full use as you can see. The blueberries, citrus and pelargoniums are loving it but I am having to shade the tomato plants which have been a bit shocked by the strong light. If they don’t work out I will develop the plant house potential with more citrus etc. Anyway, I’ll give them a chance.

My previous greenhouse was not in full sun nor in the front line for the full force of the south westerly wind here in the Cotswold hills so I was glad the Hartley is so strong when we had gales a couple of weeks ago. It withstood a metal garden chair thrown at it by the wind!

I love sitting out there with my coffee and the dogs come out to join me. One small thing, it would have been nice to have a door handle on the inside. I have persuaded my husband to fit one.

Mrs C Fellowes

I wanted to tell you how very pleased we are with our new Wisley 8. The snow cleared enough yesterday to allow me to move in and sort things.

The service from Hartley Botanics has been impressive. You in particular but everybody involved have been both kind and professional. Particular thanks to the person who brought forward installation so that it happened on my birthday. Andy and Dean deserve a medal for working so cheerfully in the biting cold.

If you ever need a friendly customer in Shropshire to show off a Wisley give me a call.


My now wife Diane moved from Oregon to the UK & we got married in April 1999. In our garden in Northamptonshire was a dilapidated greenhouse. Diane, being an avid gardener, wanted a new one & “worked on me” for 9 months. I finally gave in & we bought a Hartley Highgrow Greenhouse. We put this up in our garden in 2000 & were both very pleased with it. Diane then went to visit her parents in California for a couple of weeks, whilst she was there my company informed me that they wanted to transfer us to Northern Virginia. I told Diane, & the first comment from her was “I’m taking the greenhouse”. So, about a month after putting it up we were taking it down & had it packed into our container bound for the USA.

We bought a house by the Blue Ridge Mountains & after going through all the permitting, erected the greenhouse. We used it there for 11 years, where it survived blistering summer heat; hard winters with freezing temperatures & heavy snow; and winds up to 70-80 miles an hour.

This year (2012) we have just moved to Cornwall and yes the greenhouse was again dismantled & transported back to the UK where it has now taken pride of place in our new garden. We put it up in one day & everything fitted as it did originally!!

They really are GREAT greenhouses & travel well.

Peter & Diane
Cornwall, 5

I am thrilled with my Hartley greenhouse, it is providing me with so much pleasure. It was always my dream to have one and it is a garden room as well as a greenhouse. It was delivered and wrapped really well and constructed excellently by Leigh Goodchild. I would certainly recommend.

Sue Porter

The greenhouse has been erected and I have to say I am truly delighted with it. fabulous.

In addition , your service as well as that of all your colleagues has been excellent and I thank you for patience and general advice etc. I am very impressed and I would ask you to pass on my thanks to all involved. A totally first class product and service. I do not say this lightly as I have had in the past extensive experience of ‘the building ‘ here in UK and also in Germany . I am not surprised you sell all over the world.

C Jones

Dear Hartley,

I am writing to say how pleased we are with the greenhouse (Hartley Tradition 8 greenhouse) which you have recently installed.

We are very impressed with the sturdy quality and look of the structure which I am sure it will give us many years of gardening pleasure.

May I at the same time take this opportunity to say how impressed we have been with the professional service that I have received from all of your staff both in the office and on site.

Thank you once again.


Philip Candy

We are very pleased with it and as you can see it is getting well used.
Many thanks for your help
Pauline and Simon Marple

Pauline and Simon

I have recently had my new Tradition 8 greenhouse erected and I am very pleased with the efficiency of the overall service from Hartley Botanic and the quality of the Greenhouse itself. I felt I was being dealt with very much on a personal basis and staff were particularly good at getting back to me and checking and confirming my expectations.

Mrs Toms
Cheshire, 5

Our greenhouse virtually finished and we are delighted with it, and with the impeccable service received from Hartley Botanic. Very grateful thanks to all concerned.

Chris and Di BB

. . . I cannot say how very much we are delighted with the greenhouse. It is even better in reality than the pictures we have looked at longingly for the past several years. We would be very pleased to show any interesting parties around and assure them of the high standard of service.

Mrs. M. A. Birchenall

We just wanted to write and say how delighted we are with our new Hartley Botanic greenhouse. The men who delivered it were extremely careful and the installer (Steve White) worked hard for two long days to put everything together on site.

Please pass on our thanks to all concerned. We shall certainly recommend you to our friends and neighbours.

Mr and Mrs Fellowes
Chelmsford, 5

We wish to commend you for the construction of the Hartley patio glasshouse.

Some three years ago we purchased one of the Hartley patio glasshouses and had it installed at the bottom of our rather unusual garden (a 70ft x 30ft area which is mostly of a ski slope design, the glasshouse is on flat area at the bottom). The glasshouse has given good service and is very much valued and is full of plants at present.

During the nights of 23rd / 24th December 2013 our neighbours 45ft high Cyprus deposited itself across our garden and on into a neighbours garden. On viewing the devastation caused we were extremely worried about possible damage to the glasshouse. The tree had come to rest in part on our garden shed and we could see bows pressed up against the greenhouse.

The tree has now been removed and although the shed was extensively damaged the glasshouse is intact with doors and roof operating in the normal manner. We feel sure that had we gone with say a cheaper option this would not be the case.

We still cannot believe how Hartley came through the storm (name of the glasshouse) as you can see it is in a tight spot which shows that every garden can have a glasshouse.

Congratulations Hartley for a good strong construction.

Diane and Susan

. . . To say that the greenhouse is well designed is an understatement. It put me in the mind of Abrahams and the Ironbridge in Shropshire, Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s achievements and the general over-engineering of the victorians, what a splendid structure . . . From what I have seen of the advertising, I am quite sure that the product is under sold, if the public knew what they were really getting for their money I am quite sure they would never buy another cheap greenhouse again.

John H Bartle
Bradford, Yorkshire, 5

I just wanted to let you know that your lovely delivery drivers have just left us after delivering our greenhouse in 15 inches of snow. All the trains for miles around are cancelled, the supermarket shelves are almost empty, many of the shops are closed, nothing is moving locally but your drivers appeared on our doorstep at about 8.30 this morning having spent the night in their van! They had a hot drink but refused to come in for a warm because they cheerily told us they have to get to Brighton and on to Hailsham!

G Simpson
Caterham, Surrey, 5