What is the best site for a Greenhouse?

The best site for a Greenhouse depends on a number of factors: the size of your Greenhouse, what you intend to grow, and how big your garden space is. 


The best Greenhouses thrive in a south-facing position. This placement allows for maximum exposure to sunlight, keeping your plants heated, healthy and happy. Running the ridge “east to west” is also recommended to allow maximum light. Avoid sites at the bottom of a hill – these are generally the coldest areas in a garden, as heat rises. 


Lean to Greenhouses need a sturdy external wall, usually the wall of your main property or garage, from which the remaining structure is built around. 


If you have small children or visiting grandchildren, consider placing your Greenhouse away from the main garden area. This both protects the Greenhouse, its contents, and your loved ones.


Avoid sites with large trees, as these can cast shadows and restrict the amount of sunlight entering your Greenhouse. Ensure the ground drains easily and is level. It is best to also leave a good amount of space around the outside of your freestanding Greenhouse, to allow for easy accessibility and repairs, should you need them. 


The best Greenhouse sites are sunny, flat and open locations, with plenty of room to enter the Greenhouse and not too far away from the main property for water and potential electricity uses. 

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