The Grow and Store Greenhouse from Hartley Botanic provides the perfect solution to the classic ‘Greenhouse or shed?’ conundrum.

What is the Grow and Store Greenhouse?

The Grow and Sore is a garden storage Greenhouse with dual use as a Glasshouse and shed.

A unique structural layout provides direct access between the Greenhouse storage area and growing space. They are a variation of the Hartley Botanic Tradition range of Greenhouses and Glasshouses, with additional storage space at the rear.

The Grow and Store Greenhouse features a side window for light and ventilation, along with sliding doors to allow access from within the Greenhouse without needing to open a swing door.

With toughened safety glass throughout and a powder-coated aluminum shed area, the Grow and Store is a Greenhouse with storage built to last. Side gutters carry rainwater away from the Greenhouse, ready to soak away or drain into a water butt.

Why choose a garden storage Greenhouse?

The compact size of our Grow and Store Greenhouses makes them perfect for those with small gardens who don’t have the option of having both a Greenhouse and shed.

Grow and Store Greenhouses provide versatile and sheltered working space from unpredictable weather conditions – gone are the days of the rainy dash across the garden to grab tools and growing supplies!

Gardeners can also make the space their own thanks to a customisable length, meaning you can choose your ideal mix of Greenhouse storage and growing area.

With almost eight feet of headroom at its highest point, light pouring through the unobstructed glass pane further enhances the spacious interior of the Grow and Store,

Your imagination is the only limit on how to use your Grow and Store Greenhouse. Add a small Greenhouse with storage to your garden this season to begin a growing, storing, and relaxing partnership that will last for decades.

Please Note – All Hartley Greenhouses require a foundation for which the client will receive a fully specified drawing upon ordering.

Grow and Store Greenhouse features

  • Over 80 years of manufacturing experience
  • Choice of Colours
  • Choice of Self Assembly
  • 4 mm toughened Safety glass
  • Built to withstand the severest storms
  • Width 6′ 8″ (2032mm) or 8′ 2″ (2489mm) or 10′ 2″ (3100mm)
  • Height 7′ 5 1/8″ (2265mm) or 7′ 11 1/2″ (2425mm) or 8′ 7 7/8″ (2639mm)
  • Length to suit

The Hartley Range of Colours

Swipe to view

  • Hypca White
  • Country Stone
  • Verona Stone
  • The Olive Leaf
  • Vista Grey
  • Forest Green
  • Mist
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Umbria Light
  • Iron Grey
  • Ruby Red
  • Manganese Graphite
  • Black Olive
  • Dark Bronze

The colours you see on the website are a guide, and will differ by viewing device.

Pane Options

  • 4 Pane 9'11 3/8" (3033mm)
  • 5 Pane 12'4 5/8" (3776mm)
  • 6 Pane 14'9 7/8" (4519mm)
  • 7 Pane 17'3 1/8" (5262mm)
  • 8 Pane 19'8 3/8" (6005mm)
  • 9 Pane 22'1 5/8" (6748mm)
  • 10 Pane 24'6 7/8" (7491mm)

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