Mankind has long been fascinated by distinct geometrical architecture, giving rise to the regular appearance of ‘Octagon’ buildings down through the centuries. This octagonal greenhouse for sale is the perfect size for gardens with limited space. An excellent alternative to a round greenhouse, it offers all the same benefits.

Whilst the oldest known octagonal shaped building is the Tower of the Winds in Athens, constructed circa 300 BC, in the United Kingdom such architectural influences can be seen in the designs of cathedrals, observatories, cultural centres and many of the finest ornamental gardens.

Some might prefer a square or a rectangular shape glasshouse in their garden, others may be excited to try something different, maybe for practical or personal reasons or perhaps the shape satisfies an orientation dilemma. Whatever the reason, an Octagon glasshouse will transform your garden environment, being a unique and admired architectural feature.

  • 80 Years of Manufacturing Experience
  • Diameter 11″ 5 ¾” (3500mm)
  • Height 12’ 5” 3785mm
  • Choice of Colours
  • Glazed in 4mm Toughened safety glass BS6206
  • All Glazing Cushioned in its own TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber)
  • No Glass to Glass or Glass to Metal Contact
  • Manufactured from BS1474 Aluminium Extrusions
  • Stainless Steel Fixings
  • The Finest Glasshouse money can buy

The Hartley Range of Colours

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  • Hypca White
  • Country Stone
  • Verona Stone
  • Umbria Light
  • The Olive Leaf
  • Mist
  • Vista Grey
  • Iron Grey
  • Forest Green
  • Bronze
  • Manganese Graphite
  • Black Olive
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black
  • Ruby Red

The colours you see on the website are a guide, and will differ by viewing device.

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