I am looking at a large Victorian greenhouse, but the foundation is tricky; a mix of pavement bits and earth. How do you advise on the foundation work? Do we have to pay extra? We are in Somerset.

As your Hartley Greenhouse will last for generations once built, you should also choose a quality base or foundation to match.

Brick base Greenhouses are very popular with our customers. Not only are they visually appealing, but their robust nature means they will last for many years. Excess water drains easily through the gaps, which means it can be disinfected by a simple washing down. The risk of warping or subsiding is also reduced, making brick bases one of the best. Slabs, paving, or a concrete pad can be used instead of a brick base if preferred.

We suggest consulting with a good local builder to choose the best base for your Greenhouse, and we can provide base plans to work to as well.

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