Why don't you have prices for a standard build glasshouse?

Question: I have seen your answer as to why you don’t publish prices on your website. It is unhelpful. I fully acknowledge that the exact price depends on exact spec etc but I need to decide in principle whether you are at a price mark I am interested in. There must be standard prices for a standard build for each type of glass house.  Simply forcing me to speak to you wont effect my decision but requiring me to speak to you to even get a guide price simply makes it less likely that I will pursue my interest at all.

Answer: We are sorry that you find the website “unhelpful” in terms of pricing availability, and this is obviously never our intention, our products & accessories are hand built to order, they are not always straightforward to price.

We find that the vast majority of our customers like to discuss their specific requirements with us in person, usually by telephone but also on site in their garden or at our factory, and it is for that reason we make direct contact our priority.

We pride ourselves on our engineering heritage and manufacturing expertise, and we can often provide some valuable advice which actually reduces the overall project cost.

We would be happy to post a copy of our brochure which contains pricing guidelines.


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