The Benefits of Buying a Small Greenhouse

Small Greenhouses give gardeners the chance to grow their own vegetables and plants all year round, whatever the weather.

Let’s take a look at some small Greenhouse ideas and how to choose the best Greenhouse for small garden spaces, to help you make the most of the land you have available.

What is a small Greenhouse?

There’s no strict definition for a small Greenhouse, but in principle it should take up a minimal amount of floor space, making it an ideal Greenhouse for small garden areas.

Examples include:

A classic example is the Hartley 6 Planthouse. At 6′ 8″ wide by 7′ 8¾” long, it offers head room of over 6′ 3″ and plenty of growing space, with multiple windows that open to give this small Greenhouse ventilation options on a par with its bigger siblings.

What are the benefits of buying a small Greenhouse?

A small Greenhouse is not just a way to save money or get a Greenhouse for small gardens. There are plenty more reasons why you might opt for a compact Greenhouse. Here are just some of the best reasons to buy a small Greenhouse.

You can protect your flowers and plants

Any greenhouse space is better than none. In the depths of winter, putting your most delicate pots and planters in a Greenhouse can protect your plants.

Even if you don’t heat the interior, a Greenhouse provides essential insulation. In extreme cold weather, it could even help to prevent ceramic and terracotta pots from cracking due to the freeze-thaw effect.

Grow a variety of things all year round

If you’re wondering what to grow in a small Greenhouse, the answer is a long list. There are all kinds of plants and vegetables that will thrive in a compact Greenhouse space.

Small Greenhouse ideas include a complete calendar of growing. You could even find it possible to produce your favourite fruits and vegetables out of season, if you control the environment in your Greenhouse well enough.

The Hartley Highgrow Small Greenhouse

Allows you to control the environment

Small Greenhouse ventilation is often as easy as opening a window, as the smaller interior will benefit more quickly from fresh air coming in.

If you choose to add heaters or coolers, again you can use a smaller capacity unit, while still controlling the environment inside your Greenhouse efficiently.

You have freedom with your favourite hobby

If you don’t feel ready to commit to a large Greenhouse, then there are plenty of small Greenhouse ideas in our Magazine.

We’ll help you to decide what to grow in a small Greenhouse and take full advantage of the height of your Glasshouse – something gardeners often neglect – so you get the best use not only of the floor area, but of the full volume of your growing space.

It can help you save money

How much does a small Greenhouse cost? It depends on the model you choose and the exact size, but for obvious reasons, when you buy small Greenhouses, you’re likely to save money.

Lean-to Greenhouses can save money by building off of an existing garden wall or side of your house, but a free standing small Greenhouse still offers excellent value for money, especially if you buy a small Greenhouse with good build quality.

You can become more independent

Grow Your Own is all about independence and self-sufficiency. But you don’t have to grow edible fruits and vegetables for your small Greenhouse to help you feel less dependent on others.

Having somewhere to get on with your gardening, whatever the weather, all year round, can be a huge boost to mental health, and a welcome refuge when you’re bored of being in the house.

What to consider when choosing a small Greenhouse

Here are our top three things to consider when buying a small Greenhouse:

The framing

Your choice of frame will not only affect how your Greenhouse looks. It can also play a part in how high the roof clearance will be, as well as issues like small Greenhouse ventilation.

Choosing a narrow Greenhouse is a good option if you want to make the most of your small garden. Making use of the height allows for plenty of growing room for your plants, without compromising on practicality or quality.

Lean-to Greenhouses offer a half-frame design that butts up against a wall, and this can give you plenty of head room in an even more compact floor space.

Hartley Botanic Tradition 8 Greenhouse

The door

Every Greenhouse needs a way in, and on small Greenhouses it’s worth considering how you want to achieve this.

A conventional swing door will need a certain clearance to swing into. Alternatively, choose a Greenhouse with sliding doors, which can open without taking up any additional floor space.

The glazing

Maximising the glazed area on small Greenhouses can help to achieve the best possible growing conditions, so consider our Vista Greenhouse or Vista Skyline Greenhouse, both of which have a curved roof to let in plenty of light.

Remember to check how many of the windows open, as small Greenhouse ventilation is a worthwhile addition to your checklist when deciding how to choose a Greenhouse.

What is the best small Greenhouse?

Small Greenhouses are a fantastic option if you need some extra room to house your plants but are lacking in outdoor space. They are incredibly effective at keeping plants sheltered from the elements at any time of the year.

The best small Greenhouse really depends on how much space you have and how many plants you plan to grow. Design is of course important too – we have both beautifully traditional as well as stylish and contemporary small Greenhouses for sale.

Patio Glasshouses

Our Patio Glasshouses are quaint mini Greenhouses, good for preventing your plants from freezing during winter yet well-ventilated during summer. Small and durable, they can fit into any size garden or space. We highly recommend these mini Greenhouses for any first-time Greenhouse growers.

Small Greenhouse range

We also have a range of small Greenhouses that are brick-based and glass to ground, and are great for more experienced growers. Narrower than our larger structures, they still fit a good amount of plants and are a wonderful addition to any home garden.

The Hartley Highgrow is one of the tallest Greenhouses in our collection, with a compact design that can be built with a length to suit.

Place some garden furniture in your Hartley Wisley and relax with guests while admiring your plants. With over eight feet of width, the length can again be specified to fit neatly within your garden.

The sleek look of our Vista Skyline Greenhouse appeals to many modern growers. Windows help with ventilation and temperature control, while a curved roof helps maximise the amount of room.

Elsewhere, the Highgrow Planthouse, Traditional 10 Planthouse, and Hartley Planthouses are fantastic options for more serious gardeners who still want to make use of their small spaces. The combination of brick and glass offer expert protection for your plants, especially during the colder winters, with their heat-trapping technologies.

What is the best mini Greenhouse?

Mini Greenhouses are a great option for particularly small gardens, or if you only plan on growing a limited number of plants.

Mini Greenhouses are best for those gardeners with limited space. They achieve the same results as large or small Greenhouses with less footprint and lower costs.

They often come in the form of lean-to Greenhouses, making use of the existing space on your patio. These are especially good for gardens with not a lot of green space. This style of mini Greenhouse is stylish as well as compact.

Best for storing your delicate plants and flowers over the winter period, the essential insulation provided by mini Greenhouses maintains your growing routine during those colder months.

What small Greenhouses do Hartley Botanic have available?

We’ve already mentioned some of our most popular small Greenhouses on this page.

Some other frames are:

For more small Greenhouse ideas, take a look at our small Greenhouse range here.