Can you explain the difference between a lean-to and a free-standing design?

Lean-to greenhouses are placed along south facing walls and work well in both walled gardens and against a property’s external wall, while free standing designs are standalone structures, that can be placed anywhere on the property.


Abutting Glasshouses and Greenhouses are typically attached to a building by their side. Attaching a Greenhouse to the side of your property can create beautiful, architectural interest and a contemporary look. This is especially true if selecting stone for the greenhouses’ dwarf wall which mirrors that of the property itself.


Lean-to and abutting greenhouses can provide clever, neat and stylish design solutions which make effective use of smaller outdoor spaces or give direct access to your greenhouse through your property. With their roof pitch highest next to the adjoining wall, lean-to designs provide ideal spaces to grow fruit trees and ornamentals which benefit from being trained.

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