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Love the little things

Has the world gone bonkers? Are we totally brainwashed by capitalist adaptations of age-old celebrations? Think Valentines Day? And you may just start to understand where I’m coming from, but it’s not the only hijacked ‘festival’ in our calendar. Don’t get me started on Christmas and Easter! Everywhere you look at the moment are adverts […]

Magical moments in the January greenhouse

Nurturing precious plants is just one of the delights of the winter greenhouse. But when you are intent on the three R’s, (reducing, reusing and recycling), heating the greenhouse is just not an option. You wouldn’t have a single glazed room in your house, exposed on all sides to the elements, with a concrete floor […]

Gardeners against gluttony- Is it time to rail against the regime?

I’m starting a new campaign, resolution or whatever you want to call it. Gardeners Against Gluttony; where fellow growers, gardeners and greenhousers continue to do what we do best. Share. We love to share our gardening secrets, share garden produce, share our time and share our plants and seeds. Many more open their private gardens […]