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Modified new world

Letting the GM genie out of its biotech bottle hasn’t just changed day-to-day life on our allotments, it’s now taking over control of life itself. They’ll be here soon. The moment – preceded by a warning bleep – that the clinical, electronic voice announced, “Patent violation detected. Please submit immediately to your BeyondNature crop analyst […]

Considerate cultivation: running your garden on renewable fuels

Going peat-free is essential in an earth-friendly garden, but there’s more: the compost you use needs to be a truly renewable fuel. Coaxing a steep, bracken-riddled bank of acidic, nutrient-poor soil into a structured, productive garden might sound challenging enough. But imagine setting out to do it in a deliberate, thoughtful way where your guiding […]

Bring me sunshine: the power behind renewable gardening

Using a greenhouse to grow your own food will make your garden greener and help trim your ‘ecological footprint’ – but only if you tap into the right kind of sunshine. My garden has become important to me in ways I could never have imagined. Barely a week goes by without it providing me with […]