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A Mouse in the Greenhouse? – Part 11

All greenhouse owners have experienced it at one time or another, munched on plants, missing leaves, and more. There are more than just bugs in my greenhouse. Over the years I’ve seen a whole menagerie of creatures setting up home in my greenhouse. For years I had a huge warty toad that helped despatch slugs […]

Ventilation and Pollination – Part 8

If your greenhouse is like mine at the moment, it’s full of tubs of French beans, pots of tomatoes, planters with cucumbers, courgettes and masses of salads. I’ve even been sowing a new batch of seeds late in the season to keep everything growing. If you read gardening books and seed packets you always get […]

Ornamental Grass all the Rage

In this series of monthly articles Bob explores the incredible range of plants you can grow in a greenhouse, conservatory or plastic tunnel. Not just the purely decorative but the scented and edible also, and maybe those plants that are just downright interesting. This month Bob nominates More–than-Ornamental grasses. Ornamental grasses have been quite the […]

Garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2009

In a departure from my usual diary this month, I’d like to use the space to announce that I’m creating a feature garden at this year’s Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. A phone call three weeks ago offered me the opportunity to create a small garden based on fruit and vegetables. Am I a landscaper? […]