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Eco Watch Christmas Trees

It’s trendy, we’re told by certain superstores and style setters, to have a black Christmas tree or even an upside-down one, artificial, of course, and, because they last for years, they are more environmentally friendly than plantation-grown real ones. Well, if the tree you buy has been sustainably grown in the UK (and, this year, […]

Keeping your Houseplants Alive whilst on Holiday

As the holiday season nears, here are a few ideas to ensure that your houseplants survive while you’re away. If a friend is watering them for you, move all of the plants into one room, so that nothing gets forgotten. The kitchen is ideal, as they are near the water supply and can stand on […]

Making the most of your Garden Centre

Although it is May and the garden centre is awash with beautiful bedding, it’s better to resist the temptation to buy until you are certain that the last frost has past – particularly after the erratic spring we’ve just experienced – if you live in a ‘frost pocket’ or northern parts of Britain. Suppliers make […]

Planting Beetroot and Chitting Potatoes

Beetroot is an excellent vegetable which is packed with goodness, so it’s always worth sowing a few. Sow just enough for your needs at monthly intervals for a constant supply. The first sowings can be made under cloches in early March, providing soil temperatures are not below 7C (44F) for harvest in late May or […]

Start Growing Peppers, Chillies and Aubergines

The arrival of February is a reminder that spring is just one step closer, it quickens the heartbeat, brightens the spirit and sends gardeners running to the greenhouse to start the seed sowing season. Plants like peppers, chillies and aubergines which need a long growing season, up to five months to mature should be sown […]