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Growing your own – essential kit

Brits are turning to their gardens in record numbers as food prices shoot up.

Growing your own food hasn’t been such a popular idea since the rationing years during World War II but many don’t know where to begin.

Perhaps the handiest place to grow your own food is in the greenhouse or garden at home.

To get started, a budding gardener should invest in a decent pair of gloves, tough enough to keep hands from getting blistered and torn.

Ideal Home Magazine also suggests that you stand a small trowel and fork in a bucket of sand to prevent rust, while a rust-resistant dibber for making holes to plant seeds in is a must.

Measuring sticks are also a good idea to ensure you space your seeds evenly.

After you‘ve bought your first batch of seeds and enjoyed your first harvest, seeds can be collected and stored in envelopes until they are ready to be sewn again saving money and making the most of the fruits of your labour.

This year, allotments, such as those in Colchester with 1,000 names on their waiting list, have enjoyed a surge in popularity as people look to enjoy the benefits of growing their own produce.