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Gardening Diary July 2011

Diary – July 2011 Now’s your last chance to sow biennials. ‘Brompton Stocks’ and ‘Forget me Nots’ are fast growing and can be sown later and slow growing ‘Canterbury Bells’ should be planted in late spring but the remainder need sowing now. Space them out well to reduced thinning and transplant to their flowering position […]

Growing potatoes in big pots inside a greenhouse

A while ago I wrote here about planting potatoes in big pots in the greenhouse. Well they grew like the wind, seven (or so) times faster than those in the ground, filling the greenhouse with big, leafy growth. I decided the other day it was time to try eating some, and I plundered the container […]

Glasshouse Gastronomy Comes To Syon Park

The fascinating heliquarium, or butterfly house, in the lobby of England’s newest luxury hotel prepares the visitor for the unexpected. London Syon Park, a Waldorf Astoria hotel set in the two hundred acre Syon House estate which has been home to the Duke of Northumberland for over 400 years, is no ordinary five star experience: […]

Heaven Is a Hothouse – RHS Chelsea Review

Owning a glasshouse is likely to feature at the top of any gardener’s wish list. Whatever the structure, from simple aluminium frame to the most luxuriously crafted designs, most of us would love the opportunity to garden under glass. It promises a world of new and exciting horticultural opportunties, where you can try out new […]

Matt’s diary – June

June is still a good time to sow fast maturing vegetables in areas usually affected by late frosts, something that ‘caught out’ many gardeners last month in areas where the last frosts are generally much earlier.  Spring onions, parsley and other salads that are harvested successionally should continue to be sown regularly until August, to […]