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Glorious Gloriosa Glory lily

Okay, many greenhouse flowers are described as ‘exotic’, ‘stunning’, ‘impressive’, etcetera but the Glory Lily truly deserves every superlative. Except that is for ‘robust’ and ‘enduring’ as I must admit I have lost several. Still these are so exotic, stunning and impressive it is always well worth getting another. Glory lilies are often sold in […]

Venue to host Hartley Patio Glasshouse

Henri Le Worm garden choose a Hartley Patio Glasshouse for their stand at Hampton Court Palace

Created by Olivier Blanc & Charlotte Salt, Henri Le Worm aims to remind children where food comes from and the important role that nature plays in its production. Henri encourages children to engage with food and nature in a fun and playful way. In the App “Henri Le Worm – The Missing Cookbook,” children are […]