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Thrifty Gardening also helps the environment

If you watch television gardening programmes you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s a hobby that requires serious cash. If it’s not an unrealistically expensive two day garden makeover then it’s someone striding confidently over their neatly cultivated acres. Likewise with the industry showcasing big events like Chelsea and Hampton Court. They may offer […]

Win A Family Ticket For The Norfolk All About Gardening Event

For any Brit this summer, getting out in the garden is imperative to our plans and simply one of the must do things during the year. But how do you know that your garden is on both the cusp of this year’s style whilst being as perfectly vibrant as possible? The answer to that is […]

‘Don’t mention the rain’!

To misquote John Cleese; ‘Don’t mention the rain’! It has been the most extraordinary year for precipitation; it started as soon as the hosepipe ban was announced. Low temperatures and lack of sunshine, has meant plant growth has often been at a standstill. Normally restricted growth forms of gooseberries, redcurrants and apples, like fans and […]