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Christmas Trees Wanted: dead or alive?

 The holiday season is upon us and in the Clarke residence it shows its face with the resurrection and plugging in of the Psychedelic Christmas Tree. As a couple of old groovers, this totem has particular significance, marking our first Christmas in Iowa in a rental and not knowing a soul in the state. […]

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The Installation Journey of a Victorian Grand Lodge Glasshouse, Oregon, USA

We are excited to share an inspiring video that unveils and demonstrates the installation of our beautiful Hartley Botanic Grand Lodge in the USA. This video takes you on a journey through the detailed installation process and the dedicated craftsmanship that goes into every Hartley Botanic Glasshouse.

Is it time to rethink the Christmas tree?

It’s the focal point in most homes at Christmas, but is the traditional Christmas tree an essential ingredient for the festive season? With the cost-of-living crisis biting some families hard, every purchase at this time of year needs scrutiny and that includes our festive decorations. You don’t need a statement Christmas tree to complete your […]

Last orders for the Festive season.

This image is a testament to climate change! Harvest any crops which remain in the unheated greenhouse. Start Amaryllis bulbs into growth as soon as you can, watering sparingly at first; just trickle a little tepid water around the bulb, increasing the amount as the bud appears. Once it is growing strongly, keep the compost […]

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Starting Asparagus in Your Greenhouse

About twenty-five years ago I bought some asparagus roots, planted them and waited to enjoy the stalks. The bed has provided fresh asparagus since that time. Every year, I add more seaweed and well-rotted horse manure or compost to the bed and have been rewarded every spring with fresh asparagus. But now I find that […]

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In Praise of Powder Coating

Of course, any Hartley Botanic structure is colored using the powder coating process. That happens at the factory. But I never thought about using it for small items.  If you have rusted tables, chairs, containers, or shelving that you’ve never have gotten around to refurbishing with a coat of spray paint, consider powder coating instead. […]