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Growing Vegetables – Back to Basics

Thanks to the fantastic Kitchen Garden magazine, Hartley Botanic brings you the best advice for both novice and experienced gardeners on how to grow the most popular vegetables in your gardens or greenhouses. Choose from 17 delicious crops from beetroot to tomatoes. With detailed instructions and discussions on different varieties of each vegetable, this series […]

Heaven ‘Scent’ Angels trumpets

Angels trumpets, or Angel Strumpets as someone punned, are spectacular, and easy. Once known as Datura now some are reclassified as Brugmansia which is not appealing and rebelliously many still prefer Datura. The most commonly grown form, D. suavolens, has huge lily like white trumpets with the fantastic scent most marked in the evening. There […]

Getting Started With Potatoes – Part 16

When you’ve got a greenhouse you’ve got everything you need to be productive in terms of homegrown fruit and vegetables. Whether you are starting out, or an experienced gardener, growing potatoes is one of the easiest and most rewarding crops you can grow. With a greenhouse you can get your potatoes off to the best […]