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Vibrant broccoli

How to Grow Sprouting Broccoli and Calabrese

Packed with goodness and with their own delicate flavour, which has made them a favourite with gourmet chefs, broccoli and its close cousin, calabrese deserve to be on the menu on your plot, too. Follow our easy guide to growing these nutritious crops. Recent research proves what gardeners and mums with families to feed have […]


Growing Vegetables – Back to Basics

Thanks to the fantastic Kitchen Garden magazine, Hartley Botanic brings you the best advice for both novice and experienced gardeners on how to grow the most popular vegetables in your gardens or greenhouses. Choose from 17 delicious crops from beetroot to tomatoes. With detailed instructions and discussions on different varieties of each vegetable, this series […]

Eco Watch Christmas Trees

It’s trendy, we’re told by certain superstores and style setters, to have a black Christmas tree or even an upside-down one, artificial, of course, and, because they last for years, they are more environmentally friendly than plantation-grown real ones. Well, if the tree you buy has been sustainably grown in the UK (and, this year, […]

Keeping your Houseplants Alive whilst on Holiday

As the holiday season nears, here are a few ideas to ensure that your houseplants survive while you’re away. If a friend is watering them for you, move all of the plants into one room, so that nothing gets forgotten. The kitchen is ideal, as they are near the water supply and can stand on […]

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

A look at Kew Gardens and its world-famous glasshouses

One of the most famous botanic gardens in the world, and one of the largest tourist attractions in the UK, Kew Gardens is home to the planet’s largest collection of living plants. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, was formally established in 1759, and is now one of the few gardens placed on the UNESCO list […]


THE ONLY ALUMINIUM GREENHOUSE & GLASSHOUSE MANUFACTURER ENDORSED BY THE RHS 80 YEARS MAKING THE FINEST GREENHOUSES MONEY CAN BUY LANCASHIRE-BASED COMPANY WITH EXPERIENCED TEAM This year, Lancashire-based greenhouse and glasshouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic is celebrating its 80th anniversary – marking 80 years of making its stunning handmade, made-to-order horticultural buildings, with its team still […]