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Tradition 8 greenhouse

Blue Coat School Takes Delivery of Hartley Greenhouse

With autumn now on the way, Hartley Botanic is proud to announce that it has donated a brand new Tradition 8 Greenhouse to The Blue Coat School in Edgbaston, Birmingham. With such a beautiful school garden (known as The Hanging Gardens of Blue Coat), Hartley Botanic was more than happy to donate the greenhouse to […]

Chilean jasmine, not from Chile and not a jasmine

A frost free greenhouse that stays cool all summer is perfect for this exotically perfumed climber. Indeed this is excellent run along high wires in a shady greenhouse or conservatory as this will seldom get too hot and there will be enough light next to the glass. Mandevilla suaveolens is a tender deciduous climber from […]

Dudder grass? Maidenhair sounds better!

Happy in a cool greenhouse Maidenhair ferns, Adiantums, have the reputation of being easy to kill as a houseplant. They just do not like hot dry conditions. Indeed they’re most satisfied in a Wardian case, or even a bottle. Still a cool greenhouse is good and set in dappled shade amongst other plants they usefully […]

Great English Victorian Glasshouse

Way back when: A history of the English Glasshouse

Now a firm part of British culture, over the last few centuries, the great English Victorian Glasshouse has become an iconic feature in botanic gardens throughout the country. Often thought of as a cornerstone of gardening itself, the history of the English glasshouse takes its roots from far and wide. Early beginnings Although a far […]