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Watermelon Begonias?

Watermelon Begonias?

Once rare glasshouse specimens Peperomias are now common house-plants everywhere you go. Coming mainly from Mexico, the West Indies and South America these have not long been in cultivation most of them being discovered only from the mid nineteenth century. The great Paxton in his Botanical Dictionary of 1868 listed four dozen species and subspecies; […]

Tradition 8 greenhouse

Blue Coat School Takes Delivery of Hartley Greenhouse

With autumn now on the way, Hartley Botanic is proud to announce that it has donated a brand new Tradition 8 Greenhouse to The Blue Coat School in Edgbaston, Birmingham. With such a beautiful school garden (known as The Hanging Gardens of Blue Coat), Hartley Botanic was more than happy to donate the greenhouse to […]

Chilean jasmine, not from Chile and not a jasmine

A frost free greenhouse that stays cool all summer is perfect for this exotically perfumed climber. Indeed this is excellent run along high wires in a shady greenhouse or conservatory as this will seldom get too hot and there will be enough light next to the glass. Mandevilla suaveolens is a tender deciduous climber from […]

Dudder grass? Maidenhair sounds better!

Happy in a cool greenhouse Maidenhair ferns, Adiantums, have the reputation of being easy to kill as a houseplant. They just do not like hot dry conditions. Indeed they’re most satisfied in a Wardian case, or even a bottle. Still a cool greenhouse is good and set in dappled shade amongst other plants they usefully […]

Great English Victorian Glasshouse

Way back when: A history of the English Glasshouse

Now a firm part of British culture, over the last few centuries, the great English Victorian Glasshouse has become an iconic feature in botanic gardens throughout the country. Often thought of as a cornerstone of gardening itself, the history of the English glasshouse takes its roots from far and wide. Early beginnings Although a far […]