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Cape Gooseberries and Friends

Now I must admit these are not the most attractive nor compact of plants however the Physalis family are exceptionally valuable subjects for growing under cover. Closely related to tomatoes but never suffering any of their problems these are surprisingly easy to cultivate and one can even substitute for a tomato crop. The best known […]

How to Grow Rosemary

Rosemary is a real delight in the flower border as well as the herb garden for its wonderful blue (or white) flowers in March/April and sporadically throughout the summer months. The evergreen decorative narrow foliage is highly attractive, too. Traditionally used with lamb, rosemary is also wonderful with roast veg, fish, potatoes and pulses. Varieties […]

How to Grow Mint

Mint is instantly identifiable – just brush those leaves to create a waft of glorious mint, peppermint, spearmint or a dozen delicious variations including apple, pineapple, chocolate and lemon. Some are attractive to look at, too; the leaves of pineapple mint have an attractive downy covering to their grey-green foliage while ginger mint has gold […]