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How to Grow Mint

Mint is instantly identifiable – just brush those leaves to create a waft of glorious mint, peppermint, spearmint or a dozen delicious variations including apple, pineapple, chocolate and lemon. Some are attractive to look at, too; the leaves of pineapple mint have an attractive downy covering to their grey-green foliage while ginger mint has gold […]

How to Grow Fennel

Varieties There are two main types, Florence fennel with its green leaves and bronze fennel with beautifully deep-coloured foliage. But of Florence fennel, there are lots of varieties which have been bred for their superior taste, yield or resistance to bolting. Try ‘Mantevano‘ or ‘Montebianco‘, both with large, white crunchy bulbs, ‘Victoria‘ or ‘Amigo F1‘, […]

Maintaining your herb beds and pots

Most herbs need very little attention once planted. However, just a little care will pay dividends and ensure that your plants look great and produce plenty of fresh leaves and stems for you to use in the kitchen or on the barbecue whenever needed through the summer months. Pruning and trimming This is critical for […]

What herbs to grow and where

Herbs for windowsills Basil Parsley Coriander Herbs for hot spots Rosemary Sage Lavender Herbs to make low hedging Cotton lavender Hyssop Lavender Curry plant Rosemary Hanging over edge of walls Corsican blue rosemary Creeping thymes Dappled shade Angelica Bergamot Comfrey (symphytum) Feverfew Mustard garlic Wild garlic Mint Sorrel Rock garden herbs Corsican mint (Mentha requienii) […]