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How to Identify an old Hartley Greenhouse

At Hartley Botanic, we are very proud of our heritage and the top quality greenhouses that we supply. As we build them with such care and precision, they can last for decades. We have even been made aware of one greenhouse (installed in 1979) that was sold by a customer at 100% profit; an amazing investment for any garden! Not only that but we have also unearthed a working greenhouse that was installed to a customer in the early 60s’ which is still in use today; that’s five decades of use from one fantastic greenhouse.

A Hartley greenhouse needing repair

Despite the longevity of all our greenhouses, there are of course those which incur minor mishaps and those which succumb to years of constant use. Due to this we are able to offer parts for older greenhouses and will always do our uppermost to help.

Identifying Mark

Throughout the framing of your greenhouse you will find frame numbers and codes which will help us identify your greenhouse and consequently, the parts that you need for it. Mr. Oostwal of Cheshire for example, was able to send us these images and because of that, we were able to identify just what he needed to maintain his greenhouse.