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Greenhouse Pest Control – Bug eat Bug – Part 5

When you are growing plenty of plants to eat it can be particularly disheartening to find that other creatures are helping themselves to your hard grown crops. Now I don’t mind sharing the odd fruit or veg in the garden, I can hardly complain if a hungry creature needs to feed its offspring, but I […]

Starting Tomatoes in the Greenhouse

In The Greenhouse with Lila Das Gupta There are two kinds of gardeners in this world: those who enforce a Darwinist “survival of the fittest” regime, and those of us who practice a kinder, gentler sort of horticulture. Planting two seeds and pulling out the weaker of the two is something I find almost impossible […]

Growing Pumpkin for Halloween – Part 3

If there’s one way to get children interested in gardening its to give them their own growing projects. Kids either need to grow something that will give them fast and obvious results, like salads and potatoes, or a project that creates something that inspires them. Children love to grow giant sunflowers with their big smiley […]

Saving your Plants from Frost, Pests and Flies

During last month’s sunny weather I replanted my collection of cordon gooseberries, that had been lifted when new paths were laid around the raised beds and greenhouse, now all they need is to be tied in to a support. They will welcome the improved soil and with plenty of TLC should re-establish rapidly when the […]

The Pride of the Glasshouse – Pineapples

In this series of monthly articles Bob explores the incredible range of plants you can grow in a greenhouse, conservatory or plastic tunnel. Not just the purely decorative but the scented and edible also, and maybe those plants that are just downright interesting. Bob starts off this month with his favourite- Pineapples. Few plant’s are […]

Growing Beans for Bean Feasts – Part 1

A bean feast is more than a sumptuous spread of leguminous vegetables, it is a celebration of self sufficiency and the ‘raison d’etre’ to which most gardeners will cite for their ‘grow their own’ activities. And so in recognition of the title of this monthly section and in celebration of the humble bean, this very […]