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Putting the back on your greenhouse

As someone who would fix an engine and always have a screw left over, removing the end of the greenhouse then fixing it back on again after retaining wall had been built, nearby filled me with trepidation. Hartley Botanic kindly offered to come and remove the back of the greenhouse, then, emboldened by the fact they insisted that it was really simple, I decided to take courage and put it back together, with the help of my friend, Dave.

You would not believe how easy it was; if fact I was rather embarrassed I didn’t have the courage to remove the back section myself, as the staff at Hartley Botanic initially assured me I could!

Providing you have the necessary equipment – in this case a step ladder, socket set and screwdriver – then work slowly and methodically, it is one of the simplest and most straightforward things that you will ever do in your life!

It is a two person job, you always need someone to hold the ladder and to pass or receive the glass. When dismantling the greenhouse, ensure that you put all the panes of toughened glass of the same size, together and keep the screws in a pot with a sealed lid – an iced cream container, or similar, with a broad base, which you are unlikely to knock over, is perfect.

If you fancy erecting the greenhouse yourself follow the Hartley instructions; the key is to make sure that the brick foundation is absolutely level.
For a further ‘Step by Step’ see page 94-5 of ‘Gardeners’ Question Time – Techniques and Tips for Gardeners’, published by Kyle Cathie.

Techniques and tips for Gardeners

By the way, I took the pictures, but promise that I helped, too!

 Glasshouse with the back removed.

Return the back to the glasshouse and screw it into place. The aluminium frame is light enough for one person to lift.

 Bolt the back into place, taking care not to over tighten the nuts.

 Brush away any debris from the frame.

 First install the large panes around the base, then the next layer of glass – push the top into the upper slot on each fame…..

…..then sliding the base into the slot below, making sure you push the glass down as far as it will go. Installing these first provides rigidity to the structure, before the glass in the roof is added.


Next install the narrow panes at the apex – they need to be set before the lower panes are installed, so you have space to work. See below.

Once you have replaced all of the panels on the back of the greenhouse and inserted the final panel, where you have been standing . The glasshouse is then complete and ready for use!

It is that simple!