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Hartley Greenhouse holds back the years

Hartley greenhouse holds back the years

One of our greenhouse installers had a surprise when he took a replacement pane out to a customer recently, when he found the Hartley greenhouse he was working on dated back to 1965.

The customer, who is now in his 90s, was the original buyer of the Hartley 10 – a model that lives on in the present-day line-up of Hartley greenhouses and glasshouses as the Highgrow 10.

While the new design offers a range of different colours and more headroom, the lineage of the Highgrow 10 is clear in this photograph of the 47-year-old Hartley 10.

We were even more surprised to find that the customer still has the original invoices dating back to 1965, proving the longevity of his greenhouse and the value for money he has enjoyed for almost five decades of regular use.

Home is where the Hartley is

The immaculate condition of the customer’s Hartley 10 is testament to how a little care and attention can keep our greenhouses and glasshouses looking nearly new as the decades go by.

In almost fifty years, this is the first time the customer has needed replacement glass for his greenhouse – a combination of good fortune and attention to upkeep of the structure.

We’re always proud to see one of our greenhouses still fulfilling its function decades after it was first sold, and are delighted to see this particular customer still using his after half a lifetime.

Highgrow 10 Greenhouses

Invest in a Highgrow 10 greenhouse, the modern-day successor to the Hartley 10, and you too can embark on a gardening relationship that could last you the rest of your life.

With toughened safety glass, each pane is designed to withstand the usual shocks and vibrations that might be expected. With good ventilation for your plants Each structure comes with its own built-in aluminium drainage system.