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Growing Tomatoes [VIDEO]

How to Growing Tomatoes


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Below is a Transcript of this video

Growing tomatoes is a very profitable thing to do and very easy. I recommend it if you haven’t grown many vegetables before.

It all starts off in February and March, that’s when you buy your seeds and you put them into a smallish pot that is half an inch deep. Don’t forget to put a label on it and then put it somewhere warm. [TIP] Use a propagator if you have got one! The warm window slot inside the house will do just as well.

Keep your eye on it. The young plants will grow very slowly at first, when they’re about an inch tall then they need to be separated and put into individual pots with the same size. And then they start to grow up – pretty quickly, but they can’t take the frost so they have got to stay inside your green house, conservatory, or your house. Any frost or low temperature may be the end of them and you would have to start all over again.

Now, one of the best tomato plants is called Gardener’s Delight. Those really small cherry tomatoes that it produces can often be ready by the end of June, which is much earlier than some others.

As they get bigger you will need to move them up pot sizes until they are in their final pot.  Once they get to this size, they’re incredible greedy plants. They need loads of watering and if you put them into a bigger pot then they’ll require less watering. Once they reach this size you’ll be watering them twice a day, if you don’t they’ll flop over. There are products on the market which eliminate the need for daily watering such as the tomato pots available from Greenhouse Sensation.

There are two types; the cordon type which go up and up, and you pinched out the side shoots so we can look at that later. Then there are the bush variety which have lots of shoots from the bottom. They are much better outside if you’ve got the climate. When the roots get pretty tight it needs moving on into a bigger pot using multi purpose compost, or if you got your own compost so much the better. They do need feeding quite rather a lot, so make sure you remember to feed them regularly. You can either use a standard fertilizer, or there are specific tomato ones to encourage the fruiting. [Tip] Or, when you put them in bigger pots you can use the slow release plant food. These should take a lot of the effort out of putting fertilizer on. So, that’s the introduction.