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Creating a Luxury Hot Tub Area in your Garden

One in ten people are going home to warm and relaxing hot tubs in their own garden these days, and there is no reason you shouldn’t be one of those people. Hot tubs add a real touch of luxury to a home that is hard to achieve from anything else. However for most people in the UK who have limited space in doors the garden is the only viable location.

Perfect for parties, family gatherings or just some alone time, hot tubs can be used all the year round and can be great for mind, body and soul. So how do you go about creating a luxury hot tub area in your garden? Follow these steps:

Choosing an Area

Get the location of your hot tub right first time – it’s hard to move them if you change your mind

The first thing to do is to decide where in your garden you want to place your hot tub area.  With decking and design, the space needed is going to end up being larger than the hot tub alone, so make sure it doesn’t take up your whole garden and will look nice.

If you want your hot tub to provide you with privacy, then make sure it cannot be overlooked, you don’t want the neighbours peeking in when you’re trying to relax.

If you are going to be putting up a pergola or gazebo over the top, then be aware it could block your views, so take that into consideration too.

Picking the Right Hot Tub

Choose a model of spa to compliment your garden

Hot tubs come in a range of sizes and styles, so it is simply a case of deciding how many people you want to be able to fit in it, and whether you want it to service a purpose, such as muscle relaxation.

Make sure you do your research before jumping straight in and buying one. Think about whether you want any features such as lighting or jets, you can even get entertainment systems built into hot tubs these days. If you don’t know where to get started, then check out the Artesian Spas and Hot Tubs website and have a look at what suits you best.

Getting Your Decking Right

Try and choose material for your decking that is scratch proof and slip resistant – if you get out of a wet hot tub, you need to make sure you can walk safely back into the house without it becoming slippery.

Think about both the amount of decking required around the hot tub, aswell as the colour of the preservative / wood stain.

A good decking area should be a nice blend between the inside of your home and the outside of your garden. This area should be relaxing, beautiful as well as being useful, so make sure the material you choose for your decking reflects this. Decking is available from most tiber merchants such as Jewsons Landscaping.

Choosing Your Plants

Whether you have decided on a pergola or a gazebo, roses, ivy and wisteria will bring a magical feel to your hot tub area with their whimsical charm. Add large pots with lots of different flowers in, but choose subtle colours as you don’t want the area to appear overly bright or garish.

If you have just introduced the whole area as a completely new part of the garden, it could be worth incorporating some of the surrounding garden onto the deck, so that it helps blend the structure into the landscape.