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Wednesday 6th June 2018



Hartley Botanic’s RHS Chatsworth tradestand – stand number 390C

Hartley Botanic’s RHS Chatsworth Flower Show tradestand designed by Tom Hearn of Base Squared and showcasing the modern ways gardeners are using their greenhouses and glasshouses

British greenhouse and glasshouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic has been awarded the best tradestand accolade at RHS Chatsworth Flower for its ‘tropical Britain’ tradestand. For 80 years, Hartley Botanic has been making its beautiful, handcrafted greenhouses and glasshouses. Key to the Lancashire manufacturer’s success has been its single-minded focus on customer service and its ability to respond to changing trends and tastes amongst gardeners. At RHS Chatsworth this year, Hartley Botanic’s tradestand reflects the business’ ability to tap-into gardeners’ latest greenhouse preferences with a ‘tropical Britain’-themed stand which showcases some of modern ways gardeners are using and enjoying this most historic of garden structure. The Hartley Botanic tradestand has been designed and planted by landscape and garden maintenance company Base Squared. The best in show tradestand award came after the manufacturer was awarded 5* by the Royal Horticultural Society earlier today.

Hartley Botanic’s RHS Chatsworth tradestand features four of the manufacturer’s handmade greenhouses and glasshouses, a modern Opus glasshouse, a Victorian Lodge, a traditional Grow and Store and a contemporary Hartley Planthouse, each illustrating modern greenhouse ownership trends. The stand also features a special edition Hartley Botanic Patio Glasshouse in ‘ruby red’ to mark the manufacturer’s 80th anniversary. The overall look of the stand is a contemporary one, with a Victorian presence, with clean lines provided by light grey paving and green, leafy external plantings, interjected by deep, grey earthenware and glazed pots.

Victorian Lodge – personal passions

Victorian Lodge – by Hartley Botanic

The largest glasshouse on the stand is filled with tropical plants which are hugely popular with contemporary gardeners. Plants including Cycasrevoluta, Chamaerops Humlilis, Sterlitzia Augusta and Phoenix Canariensis fill the structure, suggesting how gardeners are not only using glasshouses to grow their specific planting passions, but also to display and enjoy them. A small pond with water feature has also been installed in a corner of the structure, reflecting the very personal ways gardeners are dressing and adapting their greenhouses and glasshouses.

A glimpse inside the Victorian Lodge by Hartley Botanic

Modern Opus glasshouse – al fresco accessory

Modern Opus Glasshouse by Hartley Botanic

The modern Opus glasshouse represents the appetite amongst many gardeners and homeowners to use a greenhouse or glasshouse as an al fresco accessory which enhances and broadens the way they can enjoy their gardens. Trendy house plants such as Chlorophytum Comosum and Anthurium have been carefully placed and the interior dressed with a rattan bench and stylish glassware. The set illustrates a move away from using a greenhouse or glasshouse as a purely functional gardening tool and towards buying one as a way to display plant collections and as a stylish chill-out space.

Contemporary Hartley Planthouse – succulent propagation

Contemporary Hartley Botanic Planthouse

Cactus plants, Sempervium and Echeveria completely fill a Hartley Planthouse with double doors and are presented in earthenware and glazed pots. The curated display illustrates how many gardeners are specifically using greenhouses to propagate succulents and species such as alpines and ferns. These more exotic and unusual species are incredibly popular yet flourish in the climate-controlled conditions of a greenhouse or glasshouses.

Traditional Grow & Store – modern edibles

Traditional Grow and Store by Hartley Botanic

In first glance, the Grow & Store seems to depict the very traditional, and arguably most popular, focus of greenhouse gardening – growing edibles. However, on closer inspection the display shows the far more ambitious and unusual edible crops being propagated by today’s gardener in a greenhouse. Asian vegetables including Pak Choi and Bok Choi and micro greens are shown in various stages of growth on potting benches.

80th anniversary – The Hartley Patio Glasshouse

80th anniversary of the Hartley Patio Glasshouse

Also on the stand, within the Victorian Lodge, is a special edition of Hartley Botanic’s Patio Glasshouse which is available for a limited time in an arresting ‘ruby red’, allowing customers to mark the manufacturer’s 80th anniversary this year. Founded in 1938 by brothers Vincent (RHS fellow) and Norman Hartley, Hartley Botanic is one of Britain’s oldest and most trusted greenhouse manufacturers and was, to their knowledge, the first to develop and make entirely aluminium structures, representing a new class of greenhouse building in terms of practicality and engineering design. Vincent and Norman Hartley’s drive and ambition to create the finest greenhouses money can buy is still central to the company’s ethos which still specialises in handmade, made-to-order horticultural buildings which truly stand the test of time. Some of Hartley Botanic’s original structures are still standing and in full use, such as the Hartley Botanic greenhouse at Belgrave Hall, installed in 1950 and the glasshouse in Glasgow Botanical Gardens installed in 1988.

Hartley Botanic’s impressive 1958 glasshouse for The Royal Floral Hall, Rhyl – the glasshouse showcases the company’s original, ‘clear span’ aluminium greenhouse design

Of the tradestand Tom Barry, Managing Director of Hartley Botanic commented; “We are thrilled to have received the best tradestand award at RHS Chatsworth this year – in a year when we are already incredibly proud that our greenhouses and glasshouses have been gracing the nation’s gardens for an impressive 80 years. While its interesting to look back, it is also exciting to look forward and this stand is a celebration of some of the ways customers are enjoying our greenhouses and glasshouses today. While we may be a historic British business, our products are constantly evolving and so is the way gardeners are using them.”

Thomas Hearn, Director at Base Squared added; “We wanted the stand to communicate how greenhouses and glasshouses are really an extension to peoples’ homes, personal passions and personalities to an extent. What gardeners are now able to grow has evolved incredibly over the last 80 years and this has allowed gardeners to be even more specific about what they chose to grow and how they make use of their greenhouses and glasshouses.”

Hartley Botanic has received the best tradestand award at RHS Chatsworth this year. Pictured left to right: Sue Biggs, RHS Director General and Christopher White Sales Manager at Hartley Botanic

All Hartley Botanic’s greenhouses and glasshouses are handmade, bespoke and made to order. Customers interested in purchasing a Hartley Botanic greenhouse should visit: http://www.hartley-botanic.co.uk or call 01457 819 155 for more information.

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Notes to Editors:

For press enquiries please contact:
The Hartley Botanic team at WADE PR
on: [email protected]
or call: 0797 067 9437 (Caroline)

Full plant list

Pittosporum Tenuifolium
Pittosporum Tenuifolium Variegatum
Pittosporum Tobira Nanum
Yucca Jewel
Phyllostachys Nigra
Phyllostachys Aurea

Iris Perrys Blue
Iris Butter and Sugar
Iris Sibirica Ruffled Velvet
Gunnera Manicata
Sedum Sensation Honey Gold
Sedum Sieboldii

Hosta Halcyon
Hosta Francis Williams
Euphorbia Diamond Frost
Canna Happy Cleo
Dryopteris Asplenium
Phormuium Tenax
Phormuium Jester
Phormuium Baby Bronze
Heuchera Silver Scrolls
Heuchera Obsidian
Pieris Forest Flame
Lingularia Dentata
Mahonia Winter Sun
Carex Everillo
Choisya Aztec Pearl

Within the Victorian Lodge
Chamaerops Humlilis
Strelitzia Augusta
Phoenix Canariensis
Trachelospermum Jasminoides
Equisetum Japonicum
Canna Generalis
Dendrobium Orchid

Within the Opus
Chlorophytum Comosum
Pilea Peperomioides
Citrus Limon

Within the Hartley Planthouse
Yucca Filamentosa Colour Guard
Yucca Gloriosa Variegata
Sempervium Mixed
Echeveria Mixed
Cacti various

Within the Grow & Store 
Vegetables Mixed
Pak Choi
Bok Choi

About Hartley Botanic
Hartley Botanic is a British greenhouse and glasshouse manufacturer based in Greenfield, Lancashire. The company was founded in 1938 by brothers Vincent (RHS fellow) and Norman Hartley following their groundbreaking aluminium greenhouse design, the first time (to our knowledge) aluminium had been used in greenhouse construction and marking a huge improvement on its wood and wrought iron Victorian forerunners. Today, Hartley Botanic’s reputation has been built on 80 years of British craftsmanship, creating greenhouse and glasshouse structures known for their enduring strength, quality and performance. It is the greenhouse manufacturer of choice for the UK’s leading horticulture organisations, institutions and designers with ‘Hartleys’ commissioned by the RHS, the National Trust, Kew Gardens, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Oxford Botanical Gardens, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Blenheim Palace, The Lingholm Estate and Hampton Court Palace…to name a few. In February 2017 Hartley Botanic became the only aluminium greenhouse and glasshouse manufacturer to be endorsed by the RHS.

Company approach
Hartley Botanic combines modern advances in design, engineering and technology with old fashioned values and techniques which enhance its products and customer experience. Despite using cutting-edge machinery in its Greenfield factory all Hartley Botanic greenhouses are still ‘handmade,’ being assembled entirely by hand with precision parts still being made using traditional, hand-operated equipment. The customer service experience is also both hands-on and highly personal with Hartley Botanic providing 360 degree support, from the greenhouse design phase through to installation. Vincent and Norman Hartley’s vision in 1938 of lasting quality and ambition in making the finest greenhouses money can buy remain key pillars for the company. Customers purchasing a Hartley Botanic greenhouse or glasshouse are making an investment which will stand the test of time, span generations and be robust enough to travel well.

Greenhouse products
Hartley Botanic’s greenhouses and glasshouses are all made to order and range from small patio models to imposing glasshouses. Designs are available from 3 product ranges (Victorian, Heritage and Modern) with all models available in a variety of colours and sizes, along with options for ‘glass to ground’ installation, free-standing or lean-to and internal glazed partitions. Standard for every Hartley Botanic greenhouse and glasshouse are:

– 30 year ‘lifetime’ guarantee which covers both the structure and installation
– Bespoke solutions to suit particular horticultural requirements
– Full installation service or choice of self-assembly for select designs
– Polyester powder coated paint finish
– Top hung opening lights for advanced, efficient ventilation*
– Single glazing in BS6206 tempered safety glass
– Glazing in individual frames
– No glass to glass or glass to metal contact in glazing
– Unique clear span roof design (no internal support to impede space)*
*not relevant to the Patio greenhouse

Accolades and awards
In 2017 Hartley Botanic’s entire product range was endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS.)

Over the years, Hartley Botanic has won many awards, here are a selection of some of the most recent;
– 2018, 5 Star Tradestand Award, 2018 RHS Chatsworth Flower Show
– 2018, Director General’s Tradestand Award, RHS Chelsea Flower Show
– 2018, 5 Star Tradestand Award, 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show
– 2017, 5 Star Tradestand Award, 2017 RHS Chatsworth Flower Show
– 2017, 5 Star Tradestand Award, 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show
– 2016, Sliver Gilt Show Garden award, 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show
– 2015, 5 Star Tradestand Award, 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show
– 2014, 5 Star Tradestand Award, 2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show
– 2014, Best Trade Stand, 2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show