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Home-Made Bee Hotels with John Walker

“A Buzzing Hotel that helps the environment”

Here at Hartley Botanic, we know how important it is to look after the animals and insects that are found within our gardens. Working in conjunction with John Walker the expert in earth-friendly gardening we developed this fun guide to help you create the most important hotel for visitors to your garden.

Take a look or download our handy PDF and send us in pictures of your home-made Bee Boosters with the #HomeMadeBeeHotel that will help Solitary Bees set-up a temporary home in your back garden.

Solitary Bee House/Hotel

With John Walkers “Bee Positive” post getting such high acclaim from our budding followers we thought that it was only right to give you something to share amongst fellow Bee enthusiasts. You can read the full break down of Johns Step-by-Step guide here.

So there you have it, a baked bean tin and some reeds from the garden are all you need to give your Bee friends a 5 star experience that they will use again and again. Take a few hints from the RSPB and you could turn your back garden into the ultimate nature resort.

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Make your Own Bee Hotels