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Local Primary School Proud Owner of Patio Glasshouse

Class 3 with Plants at Greenfield Primary School

Our neighbouring school, Greenfield Primary are the proud owners of a brand new Hartley Patio Glasshouse. As we all start to appreciate the value of organic home grown produce it is important that our children learn about where our food comes from, the environmental benefits of growing our own and the pleasure it can give us as we do so.

Class 1 Child with BeansThe Patio glasshouse is a perfect starter mini greenhouse and will fit the smallest of gardens, balconies and terraces. Glazed in toughened safety glass the Patio is a robust structure and very safe for the children’s use.

Class 3 at Greenfield Primary school have been learning all about plants and have been investigating how withdrawing water, light or warmth affects the germination of seeds and the healthy growth of plants. As part of their topic they have planted runner beans and broad beans and have hardened them off using our lovely, new greenhouse. The children have also been keeping their own seed diaries, drawing and describing the changes that have taken place as their plants have developed.

Patio GlasshouseChildren in Class 1 have been finding out about how to look after plants to help them to grow well and have compared this with how humans grow. They have grown cress and have planted sunflowers.