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Big Surprises in Small Packages

Give a gift of growing–Gardenmaker custom fertilizers

Small yet highly effective tools can be the perfect gift for the holidays. When garden space is tight—like inside a greenhouse—this collection of scaled-down products will be appreciated. Or, put these miniature offerings on your own wish list if someone needs a hint about your preferences.

Cobrahead Mini Weeder – Folks who use the regular Cobrahead weeder, will be a fan of this smaller version. And if they’ve never used it, the mini-weeder is a great introduction. Under nine inches long, the sharp (comes with its own red protective cover) tempered-steel blade is sized perfectly to fit into narrow spaces—around plants in containers, or those skinny spots at the base of potting bench legs where weeds love to lurk.

Cole’s Aluminum Plant Tags – Forget identification tags where the sunbaked plastic breaks or the marker fades away. These three-inch long aluminum tags keep information permanently. You press into the tag with a pen or pencil, engraving the soft metal. You can record on both sides the plant name, the eventual size, the date it was planted, where you got it, and whether it’s deciduous or evergreen. Now here’s the best tip: the wires provided by Cole rust away in a few years, so a thoughtful gift giver will also include a roll of thin copper wire to hold the tags on branches or stakes.

Small Gifts Bring Big Joy

Colorpoint Garden Scissors – Dramm makes these tiny—less than 5 inches long—super sharp scissors in a rainbow of bright colors. They’re perfect for tidying plants on your potting table, and just the right size to slip in your pocket for a stroll outside. You never know what might need clipping. You could give several—one for the greenhouse, one for the kitchen drawer, and one to tuck into a gardener’s jacket.

Foxgloves eGlove Touchscreen – Foxgloves are my go-to for the lightest dry-weather protection. Now they’ve come out with an eGlove. It allows you to use your phone in the garden without going to the hassle of peeling off your gloves. Take pictures at the very moment when you spot that butterfly in your rudbeckia or grab the important call without leaving the garden.

A sharp small weeder fits in small spaces.

Gardenmaker Made-to-Order Fertilizers – While fertilizer doesn’t seem like an obvious holiday choice, these deluxe small quantities of specific blend (mostly organic) plant foods, made to the exact specifications of discerning gardeners, could be a most welcome present. Hit the gift card button at the top of the website, and order a present in $25 increments.

Best wishes to you this holiday season. May all your gardens—large or small—bring you joy.