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Gardening 101 – March

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  • If wisteria haven’t been pruned, do so now as it’s the last chance before they can be pruned without bleeding sap
  • New trees, hedges and climbers can all be continually pruned as needed
  • The stems of willows and dogwood can be pruned to encourage new growth
  • Roses should have their final prune by completely removing dead, damaged or diseased stems


  • Sweet peas and broad beans can be sown once the soil reaches 6C. A better crop will be achieved if you use cloches to make the ground warmer
  • Mustard and rocket can be sown early if the weather is warm and mild, however you need to be relatively certain the weather will keep up
  • Lilies can be planted either in the ground, or in outdoor pots
  • Now is the time to plant new hedges if desired
  • Cut-and-come-again salads can be planted now but will need to be kept under cover until the weather is warmer


  • Any parsnips and leeks left in the ground need to be harvested now, as they won’t last any longer
  • Winter lettuces from the previous year should be ready to start harvesting
  • Rhubarbs which haven’t been forced will be ready for harvesting from mid-March


  • Protect any new shoots from slugs by burying part-filled jars or bowls with beer around the shoots. Check and empty these daily.
  • Open up greenhouse and conservatory vents and doors on warm days to circulate fresh air
  • Hedges, shrubs and trees should be fed with an all-purpose fertiliser and then mulched to keep the nutrients in