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Gardening 101 – January


  • Perennial plants can be pruned back to allow for a healthy growth in spring, but any new growth should be left alone
  • Apple and pear trees should being to be pruned, as this is best done when they’re dormant
  • Any ornamental grasses should be cut to around an inch before new growth begins


  • Bare root roses can be planted now in preparation for summer; plant them in a sunny spot for greater colour
  • Raspberry canes can be planted on well-drained soil in sunny areas
  • Fruit trees can be planted until the end of February, while they are still dormant. Wait until ground is thawed and weather is mild.
  • Salad leaves can be planted, either in the house or in a greenhouse. They will grow more slowly than in spring, but this gives a good head start


  • Parsnips and leeks can start to be harvested


  • Cover soil with a cloche to warm up for a few weeks in preparation for planting early peas
  • Early potatoes can begin to be sprouted in a bright frost free place
  • Shred your Christmas tree (if real) and add to the compost
  • Mist indoor plants regularly to combat dry air from central heating
  • Cut back any damaged stems, old leaves and faded flowers from plants to prevent them leaching nutrients and spreading disease
  • Force rhubarb by covering the crown with a bucket. This can be harvested after eight weeks