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Last minute gifts for gardeners

I’m not even going to count the days till Christmas, but if you still have some shopping to do for the gardener in your life, here are a few ideas. All prices exclude postage and packing.

Rostaing Leather Gardening Gloves – £22.65
The Rostaing tannery in France has been in business for two centuries. These leather gloves are not only soft and stylish, they are also very tough.

Vitopod Heated Single Propagator – £122.29
For my money, this is the best propagator around. The temperature is adjustable, the vents help prevent fungal problems and you can buy extra tiers for taller plants. A great investment.

Tisserand Lavender and Bergamot Body Butter – £8.95
This rich cream is just the thing after a day’s gardening. Softens, heals and revives the skin.

The Greenhouse Gardener by Anne Swithinbank – £12.99
This is a lovely book to give to anyone who already owns a greenhouse and is looking for some inspiration for new projects. It’s also useful for anyone who is thinking of getting a greenhouse.

Silky Gomtaro Root Saw – £31.90
This powerful saw makes light work of sawing roots but also works remarkably well on branches too. Used by professionals for good reason – the best garden saw I have ever used.

Hawes 1L Copper Watering Can – £39.99
This beautiful copper watering can is perfect for watering delicate seedlings and house plants.

Sweet Pea Super Fragrant Plant Collection – £10.95
No garden is complete without sweet peas. In summer, their colour and heavenly smell is irresistible. This collection has 6 varieties, 36 plants in total.

White Rhubarb Forcer – £69.95
This white forcer will add drama to the garden in winter when all around is dull and dreary. Made from white clay, it would look superb in a modern or traditional garden.

Libra Copper Shovel – £119

You will never look on digging as a chore again. This copper shovel is easier to use than a conventional spade due to its pointed end and bent shaft. It’s also the most handsome tool you could ever hope to meet.

Fat Ball Feeding Ring – £8.99,

12 CJ New Recipe Fat Balls – £2.99
These fat balls come without netting so that birds won’t trap their feet in them (as recommended by the RSPB). A square meal for your feathered friends, and endless hours of watching pleasure for you.

Vintage Seed Labels from £6 for a set of 24
These beautiful seed packet covers/ labels are all original (mostly from the 1920s) and would make a very special gift for a gardener. Choose from vegetables or flowers.

Opinel Walnut Handle Knife – £13.21
Opinels knives have a big following. The stainless steel blade is made in Sweden and comes with a locking mechanism to prevent accidents. You must be over 18 to purchase.

Japanese Nail Brush – £2.99
Just because you are a gardener, doesn’t mean you should have dirty paws. This brush is guaranteed to make your hands look presentable.

King of Spades/ Queen of Spades Mug – £9.99
Simon Drew’s zany drawings and play on words – Weeder’s Digest, Lawn Ranger, Incapability Brown never fail to put a smile on people’s faces. They come with a handy lid too, to keep the slugs from having a slurp.

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas!